And the Next Step?

Well, I recently clicked “Send” on my application for an AHRC Networking grant. I know it has to be checked over before it actually gets to the AHRC, but it felt like quite a significant step. While I’m waiting, I’m pushing on with my research into the St Andrews copyright music collection, and contemplating where next to turn my attentions!

My musicology research update can be found on my own website, here:-

Meanwhile, in library-land, we’ve been through a restructuring exercise. I’m now a Performing Arts Librarian rather than the Music and Academic Services Librarian. However, I’m still a music specialist – that’s as much part of me as the letters in a stick of seaside rock!

And in any spare (!) time, I’m also doing a PGCert in Learning and Teaching in Higher Arts Education, so I have to think hard about my project over the forthcoming break between Christmas and New Year. I still struggle to think of myself as a social scientist …


About Karen Mcaulay

Karen McAulay divides her time between librarianship and musicology. 2012-15, was seconded part-time to an AHRC funded project into Scottish fiddle tune collections, contributing bibliographical and musicological data to the Historical Music of Scotland website (blog She's currently researching the University of St Andrews' historic music copyright collection, & was recently awarded an AHRC networking grant to extend this research nationally. As well as speaking on her research specialism, she is also in demand to talk about research skills and her career as a part-time researcher.

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