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Cruel Summer

‘You get the summer off, right? Go on loads of holidays, yeah?’ I imagine you’ve been asked this once or twice, and you’ve rolled your eyes so hard you pulled a muscle. You might have tried in vain to explain … Read More »

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Creative Writing Studies: The Rise of a New Discipline

When I became a student of Creative Writing in 2007 the pedagogue within me broke through. I came into contact with good teacher-writers, but as a teacher myself I was groping to understand the shape and parameters of the discipline … Read More »

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The day Ray Bradbury died

What a difference a day makes? Today is 5th June, 2012. Here you are, at your university, with a gigantic bundle of paper in your arms. You enter the department, on your way to your supervisor’s office. Then you remember. … Read More »

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“The computer is not working”: being let down by technology

I have always hated to rely on technology. Maybe it is because I grew up in a place where computers and electric devices never seemed to work properly, and repairs took ages to complete. Before you start making assumptions about … Read More »

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Being Critical, Being Creative: What does Shakespeare mean to an Indian Teenager?

I use my scholarship primarily to investigate boundaries.

One of the boundaries I feel most concerned to address is that between critical thinking and creative practice.

As part of the English and theatre programme I am developing at Union Chapel School in Kolkata, I have been very fortunate in being able to address this boundary.The project in hand has been an original script based on one of Shakespeare’s plays (in our case “As You Like It”), devised and produced for entry in an all-India Inter-School Drama Festival organised by the British Council in Kolkata.
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The Corporate Humanist: Why This Degree?

I was recently asked to hold a consultancy with an education group in India. Like the US, the corporate sector in India is investing in education at the pre-secondary and post-secondary levels.

Part of my responsibilities included understanding the choices available to Indian students wishing to study outside India: in the US, the UK, Singapore and Australia.
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View from Calcutta: Indian universities and the UK

Over the next few blogs I will seek to provide an overview of the educational climate in India, and the extent to which international alliances are changing or are likely to change the university experience .

Why are British universities seeking to find a presence in India?

The Indian government has plans to increase the number of university goers from a current 12 per cent of the population to 30 per cent. In plain terms this works out to a present university student population of 12 million, and a projected increase to 30 million.

I want to present a side to the global impact of the ongoing changes in the Indian university system that is seldom seen in the media.

That is, what is the university experience in India from the point of view of the student and the lecturer?

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