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“The computer is not working”: being let down by technology

I have always hated to rely on technology. Maybe it is because I grew up in a place where computers and electric devices never seemed to work properly, and repairs took ages to complete. Before you start making assumptions about … Read More »

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A lecture is a performance: do not forget your audience

Giving a lecture is not very dissimilar to a performance. In both activities, it is not only important what you say, but how you deliver it. Your movements, your body language, the way you project your voice… they can never … Read More »

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Exploding Grandmothers and Other First Impressions

Today, in the supermarket, I hit a small girl square in the face. I didn’t, of course, but few would read this and fail to read on. It had, I surmise, a disorientating effect. It jolted you a little; it … Read More »

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A Fine Frenzy Rolling: Two Parts to the Creative Process

The playwright David Edgar has done much to pioneer the teaching of playwriting in this country, an influence that began even before he established the now famous masters degree in playwriting at Birmingham University. Edgar lays bare some of the … Read More »

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Being Critical, Being Creative: What does Shakespeare mean to an Indian Teenager?

I use my scholarship primarily to investigate boundaries.

One of the boundaries I feel most concerned to address is that between critical thinking and creative practice.

As part of the English and theatre programme I am developing at Union Chapel School in Kolkata, I have been very fortunate in being able to address this boundary.The project in hand has been an original script based on one of Shakespeare’s plays (in our case “As You Like It”), devised and produced for entry in an all-India Inter-School Drama Festival organised by the British Council in Kolkata.
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The Corporate Humanist: Why This Degree?

I was recently asked to hold a consultancy with an education group in India. Like the US, the corporate sector in India is investing in education at the pre-secondary and post-secondary levels.

Part of my responsibilities included understanding the choices available to Indian students wishing to study outside India: in the US, the UK, Singapore and Australia.
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Feeling English, Thinking Teaching: Language Workshops in Calcutta

Over the last four weeks, I have had the great pleasure of being invited to conduct English language and theatre workshops at Union Chapel School in Calcutta.

I teach two groups of students in the fifteen to sixteen year age group, all of whom have a first language background in either Hindi or Bengali (Hindi is the national language of India, and Bengali is the language of the state of West Bengal). When I asked my students how they related to English – and if they felt that they were dealing with a foreign language, I got some interesting answers. Read More »

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