End of the season…

For me the silly season has just come to an end. The last few weeks have been filled with revision, exam tips and, latterly, a lot of calming down frayed nerves and answering those panic emails. I prepared for my final college class of the year with past papers and revision tips on the one hand and chocolate cake on the other (I rather suspect the chocolate cake was more helpful…). Now it’s all over. Unlike last year, I don’t have a huge marking burden, so it’s pretty much unalloyed joy for me from here on…or is it?

There’s next year to consider…. Somewhere, way back at the start of 2011, someone asked me about Public law (aka Con/Ad). ‘Not one of my subjects’ I said. ‘I don’t teach this one’. Never have. I hated it as a student…in fact I was so shocked when I passed with a decent mark that I was convinced it must be an administrative error. They told me it wasn’t but, frankly, I’ve always wondered.

However, they do say that distance lends enchantment and, when asked about the subject by one of my current students I started to remember the fun bits. I didn’t mind judicial review, I quite enjoyed PACE. It wasn’t that bad, was it? Somehow (and, looking back, I’m not quite sure how…) this led to my blithely volunteering it as a possible subject for next year. So there it is, on the advertising materials. Too late to back out now!

I fear my holiday reading is going to be a little different from usual this year……


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I originally studied English Literature at London University, against the wishes of my father who was keen for me to study Law. Several years later I decided that perhaps he had a point, and took the Staffordshire University CPE at Worcester Law School, later completing an M.A. by research at U.C.E. I began teaching on the LLB and CPE programmes at Worcester, before moving on to FE colleges closer to home, teaching on a range of courses including Access to HE and Ilex level 6. Since 2004 I have also worked as a distance learning tutor, tutoring Ilex level 6 and LLB students. I have a particular interest in online and distance education, and my main focus at the moment is running Law School Online. I enjoy teaching small groups and individuals, and am always looking to find new ways of e-learning. I am an enthusiastic (though not always accomplished….) user of the Moodle VLE.

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