Top 4 Things That Differentiate A Good Animator From A Bad One

Thinking about a career in animation? Want to know what differentiates a good animator from a bad one? In this article I’ve outlined the top 4 things you need to master to become a good animator:

1. Great Timing
Timing is extremely important because it communicates the emotions associated with your actions. Let’s say you have a character (a gambler for instance) picking up some dice. Your body language and poses will tell us how they feel to some extent, but the timing of how they pick up the dice will tell us if they are nervous, confident, or stressed.

2. Great Posing
Posing is one of the most fundamental elements of animation. A good pose conveys a character’s personality, physiology, intent, and emotion. At it’s most fundamental level, animation is storytelling. A good animator uses poses to tell a story.

3. Body Mechanics
Body mechanics are very important in animation. If the body mechanics aren’t believable, the characters in the animation will never really come to life. This is true whether you are using a realistic or cartoon like style. If the characters aren’t life like, it makes it very difficult for the audience to connect with them. If the audience can’t connect with the characters in the animation, it is much harder to draw the audience into the story.

4. Attention to Detail
One of the most obvious traits of a good animator is attention to detail. Good animators simply do not hand in work that is mediocre. They put the extra time in to make sure the finished animation is just right. They go the extra mile, and it shows.

So there we have it, four things I think you’ll really need to master if you want to become a really good animator. Mastery in these areas will help you to stand out from the competition.


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