Research Communities

With the rise of online communities and networking websites, it has become easier to link with people of similar interests. LinkedIn is particularly popular. I just came across some useful links for research communities which are not limited to a certain university or research area:

The TENCompetence PhD research network aims to provide researchers with a space in which they can meet, discuss with and learn from their peers. It is intended as a Europe-wide community “hotspot” where researchers can share working interests, problems and solutions.

The Graduate Junction is the first website to bring together Masters, Doctoral and Postdoctoral researchers and scholars from any discipline across the globe. The Graduate Junction provides an easy way of making contact and communicating with others who share common research interests.

  • ISI Web of Knowledge is extensive and says, “Over 20 million researchers in 90 countries base their research, planning, and budget decisions on the content and analytics they find in ISI Web of Knowledge.”

Good research in management should help the world to be better managed. As the world’s leading publisher of business and management research, with 190 journals and a wide range of serials, series and books in management and related fields, we believe we have an important role in encouraging research which helps the world be better managed.


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