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I am a PhD student at the University of Aberdeen. My PhD is Molecular Biology and Pharmacology based. I studied Molecular Biology and Biochemistry with a year in Industry at Durham University. I then went on to work in research and development in the consumer goods industry for 12 months. I decided for my long term career and for my own personal interests I wanted to pursue a PhD – so I went for it and I am enjoying (nearly) every minute! I am really passionate about science communication and I get involved in lots of different activities that are available through the University and through being a PhD student. I hope my blog will be useful for people who are thinking of doing a PhD in any subject and also for those that are studying for their PhDs at the moment.

Writing a Thesis Plan

I am now starting to put together my thesis. First step was to write a plan. There are a couple of resources on the Internet that might help you create the thesis plan: This website is very thorough and has … Read More »

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Things I wish I had known at the start of my PhD

I am entering the final stretch of my PhD and this is a list of things that I wish I had known (or things I wish someone would have told me) when I started my PhD… I have also included somethings … Read More »

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The value of PhD Assessments

Over the past two months I have been putting together my second year PhD assessment. This is an internal requirement for my PhD. The assessment involves submitting a ‘paper’ with my PhD results in the style of a journal appropriate to my … Read More »

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The PhD Student – Supervisor Relationship

The relationship between a PhD student and their supervisor(s) often exists in a delicate balance… the fundamentals of this relationship are illustrated beautifully in the PhD comics, especially this one - But how do you deal with conflict? Do you keep quiet … Read More »

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Getting Constructive PhD Feedback

All universities structure PhDs slightly differently with different internal asessments and requirements. Currently we have an appraisal style assessment that we need to complete every 6 months;  it is a form that asks if you have any problems and if you … Read More »

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The Final Year Panic

I am fast approaching the final year of my PhD (come the 1st of September it will be official). The past two years have flown by so incredibly quickly. When I realised that September would be the beginning of the end I … Read More »

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Leaving Work to Start a PhD

I made the move from the world of work into a PhD. I tend not to think of myself as a ‘student’ and think of my PhD as a full time job. There are obvious differences between PhD life and work … Read More »

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