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Life after a PhD

The big question. The question my mum, dad, friends, randoms on the street have started asking me… “So what are you going to do when you finish your PhD?” . Truthfully, I have no idea. But I have started looking … Read More »


Keeping up to date

When in the middle of the ‘research’ part of your PhD it difficult to keep up to date with what is going on outside your own research bubble. I know I struggle. My literature review was completed over a year ago and … Read More »

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Why Study for a PhD?

Wanting to be titled ‘Dr’ is not a good enough reason for becoming a PhD student. Nor is it a good reason to do a PhD because you hate your current job or cannot get a job. Doing a PhD is hard work,  a long … Read More »

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How to Communicate Your PhD Research

One of the gripes many people have with their PhD is that they think no one else is interested in it (and therefore the PhD is a pointless waste of time) and/or they think/know that no one else has a … Read More »

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New Year, PhD?

At New Year people take time to reflect and start to plan for the year ahead. I imagine some people will be exploring the possibility of starting a PhD so I thought I would post a little bit about how … Read More »

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Starting out

Two important pieces of advice for anyone starting out a new project whether it is a PhD or a new work project. Write everything down and speak to as many people as you can. Read More »

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Academics do not just teach

When some people outside academia ask about the role of a postdoctoral researcher, they expect that it is mainly a teaching job. It is surprising for them to find that many academic positions do not require any teaching. So what … Read More »

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