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Two Upcoming Events in London

The British Computer Society is arranging a ‘Visions for computer science conference‘. The meeting is from 22-24 September. The event has been advertised as following: The BCS is launching its first international academic conference, intended as a major international event … Read More »

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Funding For Travel

Concerns about funding for conferences and workshops have been a ongoing theme in my conversations with other graduate students. This is especially the case in the UK where doctoral students do not get as much funding as in the US. … Read More »

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Conference Update

I have written about certain conference arrangements earlier (here and here). As it turns out, the conference which I was preparing for went smoothly which is a relief. I thought it would be appropriate to tell you how things went: … Read More »

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Academic Posters

Posters are required for workshops, conferences and orientation events. Especially for young researchers, posters can be useful to promote their research and gain experience. As Paul Goldberg points out, it is easier to learn about a person’s work at a … Read More »

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Thank-you Notes

A couple of months ago, I received a brief email from a professor who participated in a conference at Warwick: “Hi, Just a quick thank you email, I really enjoyed the conference and found it really useful. Kind regards.” The … Read More »

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Networking Event on Campus

Job fairs and networking events can be useful to get a better idea about the nature of companies and intended roles. If one is on the email list of the university career services, one is bound to receive regular notifications … Read More »

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