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Communicating science

I recently attended a day-long course run by a science society I am a member of. The day itself was very useful in reminding me of why it is so important as a PhD student to communicate to others what … Read More »

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Writing a Thesis Plan

I am now starting to put together my thesis. First step was to write a plan. There are a couple of resources on the Internet that might help you create the thesis plan: This website is very thorough and has … Read More »

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The PhD Student – Supervisor Relationship

The relationship between a PhD student and their supervisor(s) often exists in a delicate balance… the fundamentals of this relationship are illustrated beautifully in the PhD comics, especially this one -http://www.phdcomics.com/comics/archive.php?comicid=1439 But how do you deal with conflict? Do you keep quiet … Read More »

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Abstracts are important. Recently my co-authors and I submitted a paper which we were all pleased with from a technical point of view. However, one of my co-authors was adamant (and rightly so) that we need to polish the abstract … Read More »

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PhD Dissertation

Prof. Douglas E. Comer has some excellent advice about dissertation writing. He has also precisely stated the requirements of a dissertation: A PhD dissertation is a lengthy, formal document that argues in defense of a particular thesis…Two important adjectives used … Read More »

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How to Write Mathematics

Among mathematical writers, Paul Halmos was unique because of his clear exposition and introduction of clever notations. Halmos, known for his famous autobiography, also wrote an insightful essay on how to write mathematics. Halmos claims in the beginning that the … Read More »

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Thesis Writing: Benefits of Latex

Thesis writing can be a hard task. One concern is to present the work in a professional and consistent format. For this purpose, one cannot help praising the Latex type setting software which is widely used in the mathematical and … Read More »

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