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Hi! I recently completed my PhD investigating bacterial infections in farm animals. I am now working as a Senior Research Technician in the School of Life Sciences at the University of Warwick. My current role is investigating the causative agents of a bacterial infection called footrot in sheep. The project involves working on several studies, all involving different people, so I’m utilising my time management and communication skills well! Prior to my PhD, I completed a research masters and undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences with Microbiology at Warwick, so I have unintentionally been here a while now! Despite the ups and downs of academic research, I’m still enjoying my research and continuing to learn and be challenged. Being in an academic environment also enables me to share my experience with younger students through mentoring and outreach projects - I am lucky to be able to spend time visiting schools and thinking of creative ways to show how fun learning can be! I hope this blog will allow me to share my post-PhD journey with you and provide some relatable entertainment and encouragement along the way!

These Wheels Keep On Turning……..

It’s now a year since I submitted my PhD thesis and I have no idea how time has flown by so quickly! In all honesty, I quite like post PhD life. I’m still a bit of a worrier when it … Read More »

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Life after a PhD

Hi, I’m Emma and I’m a PhD survivor! It’s crazy to think that I submitted my PhD thesis nearly 10 months ago now. Let me take you through my post-PhD journey starting with my thesis submission, thoughts post submission and … Read More »

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