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I am a digital media consultant, researcher, and blogger. I completed my PhD at the University of Warwick, Centre for Cultural Policy Studies in 2015. As a doctoral researcher, I served as Managing Editor on Warwick University's PhD Life Blog. It’s fantastic to have a post-PhD life blog to contribute on. It feels like a sequel. You can check out my current academic interests on my research blog, and for academic fashion and style (crazy I know), see my cute blog . I look forward to reading from you.

My 5 Lessons from the PhD

1. It’s not just brain-smart, it’s discipline-smart It takes a lot of discipline to complete a PhD, and this starts with time management. Humour me and put a rate on your time by the hour – you might find that … Read More »

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5 things to do while job searching

The Job Search period can be so daunting and stressful. To break away from the monotony of scouring job sites such as, here are a few other activities that may spice up one’s day, as well as support towards … Read More »

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12 Points to Good Academic Writing

Academic Writing is one skill that does not age like fine wine. To get it write, you need to keep practicing to get better. When I started my PhD at the University of Warwick, the first personal development workshop on my … Read More »

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9-5 vs PhD Life

For a couple of months now, I have been on a 9-5 job role. It’s been amazing working at the organisation I am in. It’s a laid-back but very hardworking environment. By laid-back I mean the office layout is cool … Read More »


Publish or Perish Post-PhD?

Cynthia* sent me a message on Whatsapp to check up on me. We’d both had our viva voce in the same week in April, and keeping in touch had been an uphill task since then. “How is life post-PhD?” I … Read More »

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