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Post-PhD transitions – interview with Dr Ruth Price, Senior Consultant

This is first in a series of interviews with PhDs who chose careers outside of academia – hopefully will provide inspiration and an insight into possible paths after the doctorate! Dr Ruth Price is Senior Consultant (Talent Solutions) at CEB, … Read More »

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An Update (or, I’ve been away because…)

I’ve been meaning to write an update for this blog for about two months, but I’m worried. Just over a year ago, I started writing for the Post-PhD blog because I looked around for someone writing about the position I … Read More »

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Self-reflexivity as good academic practice

I am coming to the end of what may be my last term teaching. While I hope it isn’t the end of my higher-education teaching career, I want to take this opportunity to be self-reflexive, and to encourage all of … Read More »

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The importance of language skill certificate in CV (extra points!)

When I was looking for language requirements at different jobs and postdoctoral positions (and some PhD programmes), I realised how important is to have at least one language skill certificate. As a non-native English speaker, I took an English test … Read More »

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Dealing with hard times (paper rejection)

Last Tuesday I was thinking: What should I write about? Should I write about the English exam and all the paperwork related to it? And suddenly I received an email telling me that the paper of my thesis was not … Read More »

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Career pathways following doctoral research and are conducting a survey of the career pathways of people with a doctorate to explore all options, whether academic or in other sectors. You may at present be a doctoral researcher or previously completed your doctoral research, either way we want to … Read More »

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Finding a postdoctoral position (for a non-UK/EU Citizen)

When you are finishing your PhD, you have a lot of things in your mind: your final exam, all the paperwork, what are you going to do with your life… but it is especially complicated if you are also thinking … Read More »

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New podcasts on the blog – accounts of post-PhD transitions

When I listen to stories of post-PhD transitions, whether in the context of various communities in which I participate or in the context of coaching conversations, the theme of silence and isolation comes up quite frequently. Very often, those going … Read More »

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Confidence in personal and professional life, PhD edition

A couple of weeks ago I was called into the office of the boss of my line manager who told me that I needed more confidence in my delivery. And he was absolutely right, I was having a major wobble … Read More »

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Talking about unemployed PhDs

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about the post of my fellow Post-PhD life blogger, Ellie Mackin on her experiences of job insecurity one year out of PhD and the bitter-sweet success of getting shortlisted for a major postdoctoral scheme … Read More »

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