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Hello! My name Beth Mead and I am a Research Assistant working on several research projects in the Psychology department of an English university. I work with clinical and non-clinical populations on projects investigating mindfulness, eating disorder symptoms, cognitive flexibility and more! I use a variety of methods and work in both a university and clinical setting. In addition to my research post, I also do a little bit of teaching with Year One Psychology students. I hope that my blog will be useful for people thinking about going in to research and for people in a similar position as me, at the start of a research career.

The pros and cons of a part-time research post – Part 2

This post continues on from my previous blog post about the pros and cons of a part-time research post. It has now been few weeks since I moved from working in multiple part-time posts to one full-time post and I’ve … Read More »

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The pros and cons of a part-time research post – Part 1

The number of available research posts is changing with the changes in funding and many graduates and research workers may be having to reassess their goals and plans. For many of us a full-time post is the ideal, but it … Read More »

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Psychology on Twitter

Several months ago, I gave in to a growing curiosity and ventured in to the world of Twitter. After much confusion about what it was and how it worked (I’m way behind the times, I know), I started to realise … Read More »

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How to Gain Work Experience

In this increasingly competitive job market, many graduates are finding it harder to make sure they stand out amongst a sea of equally qualified applicants. Many applicants are applying for jobs with at least degree and a dissertation topic to … Read More »

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What does a Research Assistant actually do?

Although I work on different research projects, I still work as the Research Assistant on all of them. Even though the daily duties differ between projects, the overall job role is the same. I thought it might be useful to others … Read More »

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Getting Started With Job Applications

At about this time of year many students will be nearing the end of their studies or finishing the taught components of their course and, I imagine, many will be beginning to think about job applications. For my first blog … Read More »

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