Jobs in Manchester

Are you looking for job in Manchester?

Lots of our jobseekers are too.

In fact, searching jobs by location is one of the top 3 ways jobseekers look for jobs. The other two are by salary and then by the job description itself.

So, if you’re looking for help in finding a job in that great city, here’s a few ideas…

How to use to find a job in the city

The first thing to do is to visit our Home Page and type ‘Manchester’ into the search box. In fact, you don’t need to because I’ve done it for you here…

You’ll see that the search results turn up a lot of jobs in the city.

When I did it, there were 206 jobs that had the word ‘Manchester’ in them somewhere (you’ll get a different number because the number of vacancies our site changes every day).

So, when you’ve got the list of jobs, you can start going through the list and find jobs to apply for.

But hang on a minute!

You don’t want to plough through 206 adverts (or whatever number) do you? You’ll be there all day.

Especially when you realise that many of the opportunities will have been returned because they have Manchester somewhere in the text.

Our indexing system will find every occurence of the word in every advert – whether it’s a job in the city or not.

Use targeted phrases to search for a job

Once you’ve got some scale of the number of vacancies to look through, the next thing to do is to try combining the place name with other words – words that will help narrow down the number of adverts for you to look at.

These words should be the ones that describe the sort of work you’re looking for.

For instance, if you have a Phd in biology, then you could try searching for:

Manchester + biology + phd

Note the use of the ‘+’ sign.

This will force our indexing system to return those adverts that have all of the words in an advert rather than any of those words, from any of the adverts in our database.

Again, to save you the effort, I’ve run this search for you here…

Browse by employer

Another way to use our database to find jobs in Manchester, is to check out our Employer Client pages. These are where we collect all the jobs from a particular employer and list them in one place.

For example, you could bookmark this page of Higher Education employers or, more simply, employers whose names start with the letter ‘M’.

You could also look at specific pages of employers in the city.

For instance, you could bookmark the client pages of Manchester Metropolitan University or The University of Manchester.

Sign up for the latest vacancy alerts

The final suggestion I’d have for you, is to visit our ‘Jobs by Email’ (JBE) pages or our RSS feeds.

Both of these services will cost you nothing, are secure and spam-free.

With our JBE service, all we ask you for is a few details and a current email address. We’ll then send you either daily or weekly updates on jobs in Manchester and the North West.

Our RSS feeds are also a doddle to sign-up for. Especially if you’re comfortable in using services such as Google’s Reader or My Yahoo!


That about sums it up.

I hope this information helps you find a job in Manchester. It’s a great place to work and a city that has come in leaps and bounds in recent years.

Good luck in your search. Let me know how you get on!


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  1. Barrow says:

    Great tip on searching for targeted phrases, i didnt know about the plus sign and how it helps, thank you.

  2. For your information, using the “+” sign between your search terms or phrases will make sure that our indexing system will return ALL of the documents containing those words.

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