Recession prompts rise in staff engagement levels

With all the talk about increasing unemployment and redundancies, it was encouraging to read about a recent survey commissioned by Best Companies that found that the recession was increasing staff engagement levels.

Best Companies, a workplace engagement specialist, conducted the survey to set out to find how employees were feeling about the recession.

Interestingly, the consultancy discovered that seven out of ten employees felt engaged in their jobs now, compared to 50% in November 2008.

The consultancy also found that 33% did not feel worried about the downturn and did not think their performance had been affected – down from 38% in November.

But in order to be more engaged, men and women in the survey both agreed that things needed to change in their workplace. For men it was more money (59%), more interesting work (36%) and recognition for a job well done (33%), while for women it was more money (57%), recognition (42%) and more interesting work (35%).

With the fear of redundancy ever-present and the cost of living creeping up, its no surprise that money is more of a motivator for people than it might have been before.

Of course, most organisations don’t have the luxury of digging deep into their pockets to engage their workers but there are plenty of other ways to incentivise staff.

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  1. It is a give and take relationship for the both parties. Yes, there are plenty of ways to motivate your staff but the important thing is to treat them right. Plus, it isn’t surprising that money is a motivator for people now, I mean this is what people need, for goods and services. Maybe when the crisis is over then that will be the time that they will have a different outlook/motivations.

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