Recruit Right and Save Money!

When economic conditions are tough, employers must make sure that what they spend on attracting talent is really delivering to counter “bad hiring costs”, says Darren James, MD of Definitive Consulting.

So recruit right and save money. But the next question is how to recruit the right person?!

Recruiter’s Side

In a recent issue of Recruiter magazine, Darren stated that the focus of a recruitment campaign should be on the entire recruitment life cycle between hiring and firing and even retiring, instead of “just bringing in people to do the job” who may ultimately be the wrong people.

It is essential and challenging to find the right people to fit the organisation. In searching for answers and ideas to find the right fit in recruitment, I found the following opinions on LinkedIn Answers very useful:

Sandeep Kadwe, Director-MITCON International, Management and Investment Consultancy, UAE

“We consider three main attributes in a person, while interviewing/selecting. (1) Skill (2) Attitude (3) Knowledge/Education. If the candidate has skills and knowledge, but not the right attitude, he/she is certainly NOT a good fit. We can provide training to acquire skills and knowledge, but it’s very hard to change the attitude of a person.”

Lisa Moore, Business Development Executive at Nexus Management (EMEA) Ltd

“Attitude and personality are key to a successful fit. A candidate may have the skills and knowledge yet not the right attitude/personality for a successful match. Knowledge and skills are transferable; it is nil impossible to teach someone how to change their personality and attitude.”

Both Sandeep and Lisa highlight that attitude is a key feature to get the right fit. Is there anything else you think key to achieve a successful fit and hence finding the right people? We would love to hear your thoughts.

Jobseeker’s Side

On the flipside, one of our Careers Writers, Neil Harris, also gave some advice on Fitting in with the University Culture. At, we always think recruiters and jobseekers should establish a good communication to help each other find the right person for the organisation as well as find the right career. Therefore, if you have any suggestions for jobseekers that you would like to share, please feel free to email us at


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