10 top tips for using Twitter for recruitment

How can Twitter be used in HR and Recruiting? Well the choice is yours, but from engaging with jobseekers to employer branding, it offers much more than just a means of broadcasting news or jobs.

Our original post on Twitter earlier this year generated some great feedback from customers and following further requests we have put together some more top tips for using Twitter within HR.

Here are a few recommended tips:

  1. Set up a free profile: Create a branded Twitter profile for your organisation. Assign a key person – or automate tweets (see below for details) – to post new jobs or career news as they become available. This person should also be responsible for following professionals that could be potential candidates
  2. Tell people about your profile: Add a link on your e-mail signature, job adverts and career site and e-mail your contacts
  3. Follow top candidates: Finding great people is hard; getting them to connect can be harder. See if you can follow candidates and start a conversation on Twitter. Not sure who to start conversing with? Setup a search on search.twitter.com for the name(s) of your university/organisation. Subscribe to the RSS feed. Listen in once or twice a day. Find people that are talking about your organisation, follow them, and start a conversation with them.
  4. Follow anyone who follows you: Although not following followers will certainly help keep your home view “clutter free”, you can’t have a conversation on Twitter if you are not following your followers as they can’t reply to “direct messages”.
  5. Auto follow: Use auto-follow functionality to say ‘thanks for following’. Also use the message as an opportunity to promote a specific page on your career site
  6. Keeping the conversation going: Regularly update people on current recruiting activities e.g. need Head of Department – you never know what referrals or leads you might get from followers
  7. Free job alerts: An obvious one, but use Twitter to broadcast new jobs. However, think about setting up different profiles for specific job types and ensure you get your job headline right as that’s all that will be seen. Consider your key selling points – brand, title, location or salary.
  8. Integrate RSS feeds: Use services such as Twitterfeed to pipe your existing RSS feeds into your Twitter account, so that every time something new shows up in the feed (i.e. a new job or career article), it automatically tweets the headline and link to the full story. Remember though that this method doesn’t build communities so make sure you keep human interaction going too!
  9. Make your tweets searchable: Use hashtags (#) before key words to make them instantly searchable on Twitter e.g. #job or #studentship. Hashtags are used as a quick way to filter content and enable users to look for specific types of messages.
  10. Track the ROI: Include a trackable URL to your job posting or careers articles so you can monitor the number of click-throughs it receives on Twitter (ask your marketing team to help you with this).

Finally, the important thing to remember is that Twitter is all about relationships and conversation so don’t rely solely on automated services or be a one-track Tweeter.

Try to be varied and creative in your approach. To keep it real and not boring or spam-like, tweet on a variety of topics including industry-related items of interest, some personal tweets and, of course, your job postings.

Do you have any stories you can share about how your organisation is using Twitter? Email me at carl@jobs.ac.uk with your suggestions or if you require any help in getting started.

Happy Tweeting!

Carl Freelove


3 Responses to 10 top tips for using Twitter for recruitment

  1. Hi Carl, some good advice there, being quite new to Twitter can you explain how to enable the auto-follow you mention please.


    • Hi Stuart

      Thanks for the message. To enable auto-follow functionality, you need to use a 3rd party application such as http://www.socialoomph.com (which used to be called TweetLater).

      Basically you can create a free account on Social Oomph and then add in your Twitter account details. Once set up, you should be then able to enable auto-follow anyone who follows you on Twitter and also send a welcome message of your choice. You can also use the service to schedule your ‘Tweets’

      Hope this helps, but do please get back in touch if you need some more help


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