Five things your HR team needs to do in 2010

Happy New Year! Whether you refer to 2010 as two thousand and ten or twenty-ten, the New Year has officially landed and it promises to be a year of change.

However muted it may be, 2010 is likely to see the return of growth to the UK economy as confidence increases in our respective sectors.

So how can employers make the most of the upturn when it finally arrives? We’ve put together 5 top tips to ensure that you kick off the new decade with the most effective HR strategy:

1. Employee engagement

With many people left feeling undervalued by their employer during the economic downturn (often from cost-cutting measures), many organisations will be facing enormous employee-engagement challenges in 2010

In fact, according to a recent poll by PricewaterhouseCoopers, “one in three employees will make it their new year’s resolution to quit their job in 2010” as the employment market starts to recover.

So with New Year clearly a popular time for people to make important decisions, organisations will need to take immediate steps to motivate and engage top employees ahead of the upturn.

Articulating what exciting internal options (not just monetary) are available to top employees is just one solution. You should also try measuring employee engagement with some employee surveys, which would be useful in highlighting where HR is succeeding and which areas can be improved.

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2. Optimise your online recruitment strategy to cut costs

Following the disappointing news in December that university funding is to be slashed by £398 million in 2010-11, doing more with less will become even more of a priority in 2010.

So where does this fit in with recruitment? Optimising your online recruitment strategy and utilising specialist job boards such as will be essential for making important cost savings in 2010.

One of the main areas for focus should be reviewing the effectiveness of your recruitment website – your organisation’s primary and most powerful recruitment tool.

Can your recruitment website/jobs section be found from your homepage? Is it user friendly? Does it engage candidates and motivate them to apply for jobs? Is it compliant with the latest website accessibility laws?

You can also reduce your overall cost and time of hiring by using enhanced advertising products on which will give your advert maximum exposure on the site and help attract quality candidates before any other organisation. For more details on enhanced advertising, visit

3. Make social media measurement a priority

If 2009 was the year that your organisation experimented with and possibly even embraced social media for recruitment (e.g. Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube etc), measuring what social media actually delivers should be a priority in 2010.

From measuring web traffic (# of followers, friends or fans), the level of interaction between users and the number of leads (candidates or even recruits) you source, evaluating the impact that social media has on your organisation, both positive and negative, is crucial.

Whether you’re currently using or considering using social media for recruitment, check out this great article from which tells you how you can easily measure social media ROI.

4. Manage your online presence as a top employer

Is your employer brand and its online presence attractive to your candidates and staff in 2010? Do you “listen” online to understand how your employer brand is perceived and its reputation?

The recession may have damaged numerous employer brands last year so taking time to monitor what is being said about your employer brand online is important.

Read an earlier article here for some great top tips on how you can monitor your organisations employer brand reputation.

5. Utilise your employee networks…online and offline

Make valuable connections and gain candidate referrals by spreading word-of-mouth information about new positions to your existing employees.

Successful employee referrals, especially for hard-to-fill positions, could also be rewarded with monetary or non-monetary bonuses too.

You can also really utilise social media sites like Twitter and LinkedIn here, as the chances are, you and your employees will be connected to hundreds, and even thousands, of potential candidates!

Also use upcoming industry events and trade shows to meet and get to know potential candidates as well as your peers.

Remember that great people always seem to know great people so tapping into your existing employees’ networks could yield more outstanding candidates.

All of the potential employees you source from employees, co-workers and friends can be then added to a talent pool, which you can canvass systematically and regularly when suitable positions arise.


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