Google Buzz as a recruitment tool?

It’s been a few weeks now since Google Buzz, Google’s latest foray into social media, was launched to the public but signs still show that it’s causing major waves around the World.

In fact, try ‘Googling’ Google Buzz today and you will already see countless numbers of views, reviews and comments left by early adopters and critics. Some are positive, some not that encouraging.

What’s interesting to read, however, is that Google Buzz is already being considered as the next big “recruitment tool” to sit alongside the likes of Twitter and LinkedIn. So what exactly does this new tool mean for recruitment?

Let’s first look into what Google Buzz is all about…

Buzz is effectively a social networking and messaging tool which is designed to integrate into Google’s own web-based email program, Gmail.

Working directly inside Gmail (it’s accessible through clicking a link just under ‘inbox’), the clever tool pulls content from Twitter, Flickr and from various other popular social sites from across the web.

Other key features include; auto-following (friends are added automatically who you have emailed on Gmail), public and private sharing (swap between family and friends) and rich, fast media sharing. In short; Buzz makes Gmail social!

For more information, there’s a great little video here which hopefully explains things in plain English.

So, Google Buzz as a recruitment tool?

There are obvious opportunities to be had by recruiters with Buzz. So from reading various recruitment blogs and reviews, Ive compiled a handy list of significant advantages that recruiters could have by using the tool:

Gathering candidate referrals
Like Twitter, Buzz allows you to post a message about a new vacancy to a group of “followers” that subscribe to your updates. However, messages can be longer than 140 characters (à la Twitter) and can include supporting images and links. Any replies are also all grouped under the original message making conversations easier to track and follow up on.

Sharing content – fast!
Just like Twitter and Facebook, you can use Buzz to immediately share blog posts, updates on new vacancies/career events or other interesting links related to your organisation, sector or department.

Real time candidate engagement
Like Google Wave (see our earlier blog here), you are able to share links, embedded multimedia (video & photos) and documents as well as communicating to candidates directly in real-time through their comments feature and/or email.

Search feature
The search feature could allow you to find people who are possible active and passive job seekers.

Social media integration
One of the best features of Buzz is the ability to integrate your status from sites such as Twitter into Google Buzz – meaning you can post a status update in just one place and it’s then updated automatically across each channel!

Location based information
A mobile version of Buzz cleverly uses ‘location tagging’ so that posts made from a specific location are displayed to users nearby. For example, just imagine if a potential candidate is checking who’s ‘buzzing’ nearby and then spots your new job opportunities in the local area or information on a new careers event being held at a specific building/venue nearby.

As previously mentioned, there have been some criticisms of Buzz, notably the privacy issues and the fact that you need a Gmail account to use it.

However with an estimated 176 million people already using Gmail and virtually no set-up, it’s just too convenient for Gmail users to pass by. So it’s easy to see why it had over 9 million posts and comments in its first 56 hours of launching!

There’s no doubt then that Buzz is Google’s boldest effort in creating a social network to match the likes of Facebook and Twitter. However only time will tell if it becomes an essential tool to engage with and source candidates….

Have you tried Buzz yet? What are your thoughts and experiences? Let me know by emailing


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  1. I still think Buzz is going to struggle against what has already been established. It doesnt really matter what angle they take, Facebook has control at this moment.

  2. UK Jobs says:

    Hi, Its great that Google Buzz is doing excellent Job in recruitment field…Its very helpful. Thanks for sharing this informative Blog…..

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