Online Recruitment: The Year Ahead 2011

Last week, had the pleasure of attending the Enhance Media ‘Online Recruitment: The Year Ahead’ Conference in Central London on Thursday 27th January.

Now in its 9th year, the conference attracted 450 delegates from 12 countries and had an interesting mix of speakers who discussed the future of online recruitment and the challenges and opportunities available to employers in finding better candidates.

Here are just a few key highlights:

Paul Modley, Head of Recruitment, Olympics 2012

  • Will recruit up to 200,000 staff for the games in 2012
  • Olympics 2012 is using online recruitment to support its massive recruitment challenge with limited time & budgets
  • The strength of the Olympics brand has helped to support the recruitment effort with minimal investment in attraction
  • Working with stakeholders and online technology (e.g. ATS) to support diversity within recruitment

John Salt, Website Director, Total Jobs

  • Job boards are part of the recruitment mix – and growing
  • 20% decrease in offline recruitment advertising spend e.g. newspapers, business magazines (2009-2010)
  • 6% increase in online recruitment advertising spend (2009-2010)
  • Regional newspapers are not as diverse as online yet more money was spent there on recruitment advertising in 2010
  • 95% of smartphone owners said they would consider job seeking on Mobile

Giles Guest, Director, Enhance Media

  • Data is crucial – provides insight into online recruitment effectiveness
  • Your website is at the heart of great online recruitment a strategy – its allows more time and space to convert candidates
  • Use lots of targeted signposts (e.g. blogs, social media) to drive candidates to the website
  • 63% of candidates use search engines to find job
  • Candidates use social media 1st before any other media (NORAS 2010)

Dave Martin, allthetopbananas

  • 6 billion apps downloaded across iPhone & Android
  • In 2014, mobile web will overtake desktop web
  • Social networks are mobile (40% of tweets & 200million Facebook users are active via mobile)

Overall great event, well attended and an interesting palette of issues raised. Thanks Enhance Media. Looking forward to next year’s event.


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