UHR Conference 2011: The Talent Challenge

Last week jobs.ac.uk were proud to sponsor the UHR (University Human Resources) Annual Conference 2011 which took place in Manchester 17th-20th May 2011.

The conference attracted around 230 HR professionals from the HE sector, including delegates from overseas institutions, so it offered a fantastic opportunity to meet existing customers, make new contacts, have useful conversations and share experiences and ideas with peers.

The theme of this year’s conference was ‘The Talent Challenge: Working together in a changing world’ and had quality speakers from across a variety of sectors who all addressed the need for HR to evolve, improve and adapt to the ever changing world of HR within HE.

Some highlights

  • A thought-provoking session by David Fairhurst, Chief Peoples Officer for McDonalds on “People Power” and the role of HR in transforming and differentiating organisations
  • An in-depth analysis of the impact of changes to HE funding over the past two decades by Professor Michael Arthur, Vice-Chancellor for University of Leeds.
  • Angela O’Connor, Chief Peoples Officer for National Policing Improvement Agency discussing the role of HR leadership in matching organisations to the new competitive, commercial environments resulting from austerity measures

In addition to being sponsors of the UHR conference, jobs.ac.uk also hosted two recruitment workshops entitled ‘Effective e-recruitment for universities’ which provided UHR conference delegates with practical advice, tips and insights on how to build an effective recruitment strategy.

The jobs.ac.uk sessions were very well received and explored topics such as online copywriting, Google PPC for recruitment, social media recruitment and how to make recruitment websites more effective.

Overall, the conference was once again a pleasure to attend and to meet and network with colleagues from across the sector.

We look forward to the conference in 2012.


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