QR Codes for recruitment

From posters and flyers to billboards and bus stops, you’ve probably seen those strange square barcodes, known as QR Codes, pretty much everywhere and they are fast becoming a powerful force in marketing.

But what are they? A QR code (abbreviated from Quick Response Code) is like a mobile bar code that when scanned using a mobile device (e.g. Android or iPhone) re-directs the user to a web address, a phone number, text, images, maps – just about anywhere!

They essentially act as a connector between the physical and digital world. If a person sees a QR code, they scan it, and are suddenly engaged in your message.

Never seen one? An example of a QR code (which when scanned takes you to www.jobs.ac.uk) is below:

Create your own QR code. For a list of free QR code generators, check out this handy link

Aside from the examples at the start of this blog, many organisations are utilising QR codes in lots of different ways….including staff recruitment.

Most popular examples are;

  • job adverts – Use QR codes in job adverts (e.g. as an image within Enhanced Adverts on jobs.ac.uk) to direct users to a location/directions map, further information about your organisation/role, application form etc. By scanning the barcode, candidates can also quickly store the job for quick and easy recall later – great if they have just found their perfect job, but are short on time and don’t want to lose track of it
  • Career Fairs – use QR codes on leaflets, booklets and other event giveaways to link users back to a (mobile) careers site or employer videos about what it’s like to work at the organisation

Other uses include QR codes on businesscards, email signatures, promotional merchandise, links to your social networking groups (e.g. Facebook page), links to download job specs/application forms etc

The downside? While the usage of QR codes is increasing, the technology is still dependent on candidates having a smart phone and a QR reader app installed – so only time will tell if this approach goes more mainstream.

If you know any other applications for QR codes in recruitment, or would like to use one in your next recruitment campaign on jobs.ac.uk, get in touch with me at carl@jobs.ac.uk


4 Responses to QR Codes for recruitment

  1. By the versatility of this tool (QR) and the increasing use of the smartphone, I think is a great way to exploit the benefits that they has been delivering the technology as well as to include measurable data that we can use for future Job offers .

  2. Ben Corke says:

    We just rolled out a new recruitment site making extensive use of QR codes as a way for Candidates to quickly(?) call consultants and save the Job contact info to the smartphone address book.

    Check out a demo here: Embedded Software Engineer Jobs

    Any feedback would be great!


  3. Miss.R says:

    Thanks for such a great article here. I was searching for something like this for quite a long time and at last I’ve found it on your blog. It was definitely interesting for me to read about web applications and their market situation nowadays. thanks one more time and keep posting such nice ones in the nearest future too.

  4. Miss.R says:

    Thanks for share

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