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Are you about to move abroad to TEFL? Or have you been there a while and think you could share your experience and tips with our audience? We would love to hear from you! What we would ask All we … Read More »

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Can I Get a TEFL Job in China?

Shamefully, I have yet to visit any countries in Asia other than Japan. Staying put in one place in such a culturally rich part of the world seems like a crime – China, Korea, and Thailand are all just a … Read More »

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TEFL: Needs Analysis

Conducting a needs analysis may just about be the most important thing you do for your class. This applies particularly to smaller groups or individuals. So what is it?

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Teaching English for Specific Purposes (ESP)

The English language is put to many uses, but one branch of TEFL that is increasingly common is ESP – a generic term meaning English for Specific Purposes. This ranges from specific vocational purposes (such as the language of the … Read More »

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Teaching Conversational English

Recently, I have been using conversational style lesson plans for some of my classes. Many of my students want to learn a very practical style of English that doesn’t require too much from them. The nature of conversational English classes … Read More »

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TOEIC, or not TOEIC?

Sorry… that’s a really cliched title for my latest blog. But it kind of sums up what I want to talk about. As a teacher, your goal is, naturally, to help your students progress in the English language. The end … Read More »

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