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Teaching English off the beaten track – an EFL teacher in Belarus

Teaching English in Belarus meant working with little support or resources for EFL teacher, Gemma Toovey. But her students more than made up for the challenges. In this interview she speaks about the highs and the lows… Read More »

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Teaching English in Korea; a 5 minute interview

Teach English in Korea? Why not? with free housing, a stable contract and round-trip air fare, TEFL in Korea sounds an attractive option. Anne Lowe, new to EFL teaching in Korea shares her tips and experiences in this short interview. Read More »

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Teaching English in Japan in 2011

I arrived in Japan in September 2006, at a time when the TEFL ‘party’ had apparently already ended. Notwithstanding such claims, I am now approaching my sixth year teaching English in Japan, and my personal and professional experiences belie suggestions … Read More »


Can I Get a TEFL Job in China?

Shamefully, I have yet to visit any countries in Asia other than Japan. Staying put in one place in such a culturally rich part of the world seems like a crime – China, Korea, and Thailand are all just a … Read More »

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Teaching English in Africa… for money

In the last blog entry, I tried to tackle the monumental task of providing an overview of ESL in Africa. I got as far as volunteer work. I’ll level with you: I’ve never been to Africa and have certainly never … Read More »

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TEFL Jobs and English Language Teaching in Africa

I’ve been doing a lot of research into teaching English in Africa lately. Unfortunately, Internet research is predictably unrewarding, and garners only clichés (“Africa is great because you can go on safari”; the voice of wisdom speaks!) and the recycling … Read More »

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Teaching Developments in Japan

Things are getting crazy here for me here in Japan. Work has exploded recently – offers are coming in from everywhere.

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