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ESL English Teacher Resume Tips

When you’re looking for a job, it’s easy to lazily apply for every possible vacancy with a standard template. Crafting your resume for each job will get you much better returns, though. English teachers have a unique set of skills … Read More »

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Life After TEFL: Jobs back home

Something that seems to perturb most English teachers is this: what will I do if/when I go back home? Particularly in Japan, it seems that almost any lazy, underqualified bum can get a job (I’m looking squarely into the mirror … Read More »

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Teaching English in Africa… for money

In the last blog entry, I tried to tackle the monumental task of providing an overview of ESL in Africa. I got as far as volunteer work. I’ll level with you: I’ve never been to Africa and have certainly never … Read More »

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TEFL Jobs: Top 5 websites

jobs.ac.uk often advertises TEFL jobs, particularly some of the higher end jobs such as this. You can browse the entire ESOL section here. If you’re looking for a job as a Teacher of English as a Foreign Language, try these … Read More »

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