Dealing with Change at Work

With many planned changes across universities and all workplaces in the current economic climate I thought it might be handy to have a few tips on how to deal with changes at work.

In my fairly short career so far I’ve been in departments that have closed, ones that have been restructured and in places where voluntary and compulsory redundancies occur so here are my tips for dealing with these sort of issue:

1 – Get your head out of the sand

Anyone who has been watching Brian Cox’s Wonders of the Universe recently will realise that change is inevitable, and as the ‘arrow of time’ moves on, all things will eventually change. Recognising this helps massively in being prepared to deal with these situations.

2 – Communicate!

A lack of communications from others can have a negative impact, while effective communications can have a positive one. From a purely pragmatic standpoint, you need details about the change, so that you can determine how it affects you. Don’t just sit back and wait for things to happen.

3 – Keep doing your job

Although times of change can be very uncertain try to avoid the temptation of ‘if I might not have a job why should I bother’ attitude. If you keep on with your work you never know who you might impress, particularly if others are not putting in 100%.

4 – Be Positive

Keeping a positive attitude can help you deal with the uncertainties of change. For example, instead of worrying about changes you will have to make, focus instead on how you can leverage your existing skills and experience. Looking for opportunities in the new organisation, and becoming involved, will hasten your adjustment.


About Jonathan Nimmo

I work for Oxford Brookes University as an Admissions Administrator in the central Admissions team. This is a new role that has been created and I will be dealing with applications under a new government initiative called Workforce Development or Employer Engagement. Alongside this I will also be dealing with Exchange students. As I went on exchange during my studies at university it will be nice to help other students deal with the same problems I faced. My current role is my second at Oxford Brookes University as I started in the International Office assisting students with visas and other problems that they encountered. I very much enjoy working in Higher Education and even in these challenging times find it hugely rewarding. I hope to be a voice for those of us in the non-academic roles of HE and hope you enjoy reading. And any comments and suggestions for new topics are most welcome!

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