Support staff role in HE

Long time, no blog… Long time, no work! I haven’t blogged for for some time.  For that, please accept my apologies.  I was involved in a serious motorbike accident in July 2013, and the recovery has been long.  Whilst … Read More »

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How far is too far in an interview?

I’ve probably chaired or participated in nearly 50 interviews since my employment at the University of Westminster. I’ve done all right and I’m proud of the team I have created and the staff who have been recruited by me. I also … Read More »

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Progression in HE for Support Staff

I was kind of in two minds about whether to blog about progression in HE for support staff. As administrative staff, I feel we have seen a real decline in the opportunities for progression and development. I have said in … Read More »

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Qualities in support staff

In the last two weeks, I have moved teams within the office in which I work. I was working on Programmes; now I have moved to Collaborative and International. The change is a challenge, in that I have not really … Read More »

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Higher Education Admin Support

As a new blogger for, I have spent some time considering what my first post should talk about. The conclusion I have come to is that there are many positives to a career in Higher Education, and that it … Read More »

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Working with Consultants

I know many people, particularly in the public sector, are wary of engaging consultants.  They see them as outsiders who charge exhorbitant fees and who don’t “understand” the organisation; they tend to deliver lengthy reports, based on superficial research, which call for change … Read More »

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Surviving a Restructure

Universities everywhere seem to be “restructuring” at the moment, and it is a difficult time for staff at all levels. The uncertainty and stress creates a tense atmosphere in which to work and it is often hard to see the … Read More »

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