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I work for Oxford Brookes University as an Admissions Administrator in the central Admissions team. This is a new role that has been created and I will be dealing with applications under a new government initiative called Workforce Development or Employer Engagement. Alongside this I will also be dealing with Exchange students. As I went on exchange during my studies at university it will be nice to help other students deal with the same problems I faced. My current role is my second at Oxford Brookes University as I started in the International Office assisting students with visas and other problems that they encountered. I very much enjoy working in Higher Education and even in these challenging times find it hugely rewarding. I hope to be a voice for those of us in the non-academic roles of HE and hope you enjoy reading. And any comments and suggestions for new topics are most welcome!

Surviving a Restructure

Universities everywhere seem to be “restructuring” at the moment, and it is a difficult time for staff at all levels. The uncertainty and stress creates a tense atmosphere in which to work and it is often hard to see the … Read More »

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Dealing with Change at Work

With many planned changes across universities and all workplaces in the current economic climate I thought it might be handy to have a few tips on how to deal with changes at work. In my fairly short career so far … Read More »

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Time for a University Admissions Revolution?

Universities have now entered Visit Day season. Where students with offers come to look around universities before making their final choices of where they would like to go to, provided they meet their conditions. However, there will soon be proposed … Read More »

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Building Bridges With Students

I am a fan of football, and when discussing this with a colleague we wondered if we could get enough staff together for a 5-a-side game after work. There were several staff interested and after mentioning the game to some … Read More »

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Tuition Fees: The Unanswered Questions and an Uncertain Atmosphere

Up and down the country at the moment Universities are trying to decide what fees to charge for students starting in 2012. The government expects most to charge £6,000 with only a few charging the maximum £9,000. However, with most … Read More »

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How Training Courses can Assist Your Career

Last week I was sent to a UKCISA training course. This is a prospect many people would moan about. An early start, a long train/car journey, followed by several hours sat in a windowless conference room with a group of … Read More »

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New Year, New Career? Why not try working in Higher Education?

This is my first post and this blog is one of my own New Year’s Resolutions that so many of us have. This started me thinking about how many people plan on changing career at the start of the year, … Read More »

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