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Working with Consultants

I know many people, particularly in the public sector, are wary of engaging consultants.  They see them as outsiders who charge exhorbitant fees and who don’t “understand” the organisation; they tend to deliver lengthy reports, based on superficial research, which call for change … Read More »

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Do I need a degree to work in Higher Education?

The short answer is no, as universities and colleges are committed to access to their institutions for their employees as well as their students.  If you have suitable work experience, and depending of course on the role you’re applying for, … Read More »

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Building Bridges With Students

I am a fan of football, and when discussing this with a colleague we wondered if we could get enough staff together for a 5-a-side game after work. There were several staff interested and after mentioning the game to some … Read More »

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Why Enterprise Modules Should Be Taught at Universities – Part I

For most people, the word “enterprise” is connected to starting and running one’s own business. The term, however, encompasses a much broader definition. “Industrious, systematic activity,” “initiative,” and “willingness to undertake new ventures” are only some of the synonyms that … Read More »

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