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Working with Consultants

I know many people, particularly in the public sector, are wary of engaging consultants.  They see them as outsiders who charge exhorbitant fees and who don’t “understand” the organisation; they tend to deliver lengthy reports, based on superficial research, which call for change … Read More »

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Surviving a Restructure

Universities everywhere seem to be “restructuring” at the moment, and it is a difficult time for staff at all levels. The uncertainty and stress creates a tense atmosphere in which to work and it is often hard to see the … Read More »

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Tuition Fees: The Unanswered Questions and an Uncertain Atmosphere

Up and down the country at the moment Universities are trying to decide what fees to charge for students starting in 2012. The government expects most to charge £6,000 with only a few charging the maximum £9,000. However, with most … Read More »

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The Recession Challenge for Non-Academics – Part II

Picking up from where we left off with the previous post, here are some tips to make you a more valuable employee and hopefully survive the recession: Find out what your department’s core needs are and get to know how … Read More »

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The Recession Challenge for Non-Academics – Part I

They say that recessions take about a year to be felt in the public sector. If this is true, then the year ahead is going to be a tough one for higher education institutions. Budget restrictions, cost cuts and employee … Read More »

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