First Steps in Hong Kong

Leaving the UK wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be – apart from the bit at the airport, saying goodbye.  As we took off there was definitely a deep breath though.

Once I got to Hong Kong, immigration was relatively quick and easy.  I had a map printed off and I got a hotel to Mong Kok (in Kowloon).  It was only a short walk (5 minutes) so it wasn’t too bad. Taxi was the other option but more expensive (but still cheaper than UK taxis).

I arrived on New Years eve and wasn’t starting work until Monday 3rd January – although this meant a lonely New Year, it meant I had a few days to get some sleep and get my bearings.  There were lots of people out for the celebrations so I went for a walk – shops were still open (in general big shops stay open till 10pm) so I soaked up a bit of the culture too.

Over the weekend I walked around a lot, I didn’t really see any of the “tourist sights” I was more interested in getting a feel for the place and getting an idea of shops – what can I find where. I’m in a hotel now, but soon I’ll need to get food and things for an apartment.


About Alana Collis

Hi, my name is Alana Collis. I am a Postdoctoral Research Fellow working in Hong Kong. I hope this blog will give readers an insight into working in an academic research environment and general life in Hong Kong as well as things that will help you get started here! After completing a PhD at the University of Nottingham in synthetic organic chemistry, I moved to a position at the University of Warwick as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Department of Chemistry. During my time at Warwick I was working with Researchers from Warwick Manufacturing Group (materials and engineering) and Warwick-HRI (plant sciences) as well as Industry and other University research departments. This gave me chance to see how different disciplines and departments subtly vary in set up and practices. In the Summer of 2010, I went to a Gordon Research conference in the US. This in itself was a great experience but it was followed up two months later by an e-mail from an academic I met at the conference..... would I be interested in a postdoctoral position in Hong Kong?!

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