South Asian Studies in Australia

Further to my last post wherein I included a link to my recent publication in Modern Asian Studies, I’d thought I’d provide a bit of information regarding South Asian Studies in Australia.  Not all Universities have a strong presence in the field, in fact, in my own University, there aren’t very many at all.  I’m the only honorary working in the field, though we do have a strong South Asianist working in the Religion space – Dr Adam Bowles, who lectures/researches in the field of Asian religion.

Now that I am working in Sydney, I have made contact with the South Asianists in NSW.  In particular, Assoc Prof. Kama Maclean is currently investigating the social and political relationships between Indians and Australians in the early twentieth century.  She also edits South Asia: Journal of South Asian Studies.  As trans-colonial history is a fascinating and emergent field, and one I have myself worked within, I am pleased to have been (virtually) introduced.  Recently Kama spoke at a symposium held at UNSW that reflected upon ‘moving ideas’ across geographies, and the difficulties/issues facing Historians who attempt to track them.  This is a particularly interesting field for those studying the relationship between India and Australia, given the level of exchange, of both ideas and personnel, across the Empire during the 19th and 20th centuries.

There is plenty of work to do in this emergent field, and it’s fantastic to have such scholarly talent in a field that traditionally was given little attention in Australia.


About Erin Giuliani

Erin Giuliani completed her PhD in history at UQ in 2012 following a period of time working at the Menzies Centre for Australian Studies, King's College, London. Her research interests are policing, justice and surveillance in nineteenth century colonial contexts, particularly India and the Australasian colonies. Currently she is investigating the rise of nationalism in colonial India and its impact on policing infrastructures in Bengal. Erin works as a lecturer in Australian Studies at the University of Queensland, as well as holding an honorary research fellowship at that university.

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