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Qatar has been a bit of a hot topic recently with several major events placing it centre stage in the world’s media.  For the most part, the press has been good and an increasing number of people are starting to take notice of this tiny Middle Eastern state, mostly in the employment sector.

I am constantly being asked about salaries in Qatar and, although they differ from job to job, salaries in this region are good and I think it’s safe to say that they are the main selling point for accepting a job out here.  Although they have decreased in recent years, many people believe they might begin to rise again due to a new-found interest in Qatar.

I always stress to those considering a move here that you must make sure everything is completely and clearly stated in your employment contract.  Almost every news story I see or article I read about Qatar emphasizes the fact that it is one of the richest countries in the world, but this does not apply to everyone.  Yes, there is no tax, but there is also no pension or social security system.  Healthcare is not free, you must purchase a (very reasonably priced) Hamad card to be entitled to highly subsidized services.  Most reputable employers (mine included) provide insurance packages that cover many, but not all procedures.  Yet, despite having insurance and the healthcare system being very good, I personally prefer to take care of all doctor/dentist appointments when I visit the UK.

Much has also been said about the free education system in Qatar…but no one seems to mention that it is only free if you are Qatari.  With rare exception, everyone else must pay costly tuition fees for their child’s education and oftentimes there are waiting lists involved for preferred schools.

Employment packages usually come with several allowances such as housing, car, phone, education and moving/relocation but again, it is very good to double check this.  Sometimes these allowances are given in one lump sum or are allocated monthly on a percentage basis.  Again, it is very wise to make sure this is all spelled out before committing or signing any contract.  While these allowances seem generous, you must also take into account the cost of living in Qatar which certainly was higher than what I was used to.  Rents are expensive, food is more expensive, and anything that is a familiar western brand will most certainly be more expensive.

I’m not trying to discourage anyone from thinking about a move to Qatar but it is absolutely essential that you do your homework beforehand  and know exactly what you’re signing up for.


About Alexandria Lipka

Alexandria is the Lab Manager of a small biotechnology company based in Doha, Qatar. She was born and raised in the United States, where she received her undergraduate degree, before moving to the United Kingdom to work and further her studies. After 10 years in a rainy, grey London, she decided she might like living in the desert.

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  1. Bruno Carvalho - Portugal says:

    Good night Alexandria,
    I am Bruno Carvalho, i live in the north of Portugal and loved in future work in Qatar.
    Currently, I work in the tourism sector and i’m owner of a travel agency in regime of franchising.
    The economic situation in my Country and in Europe is not the most favorable and, for these reasons, leads me to think to seek new opportunities outside of Portugal.
    I would like to ask you if there is much demand for work in this sector in Qatar? What is the best way to apply for an employment qualified in this area?
    I Am graduate in Tourism and i have a vast experience in other areas of sales as Cosmetics and in the field of Optics. Do you think it will be difficult to get a job in this sector and that is beneficial to work abroad? Thank you for help. I await your comments.

    • Alexandria Lipka says:

      Hello Bruno,
      If you are interested in finding a job in Qatar, I would recommend that you perhaps start with checking out some Qatar/Middle East job recruitment sites such as bayt.com or gulfjobsites.com or maybe even qatarliving.com to get a feel for the market here and what is in demand. It may be worth just doing an internet search for ‘travel agent qatar job’ and seeing what you come up with. Maybe even have a look at the recruitment process for some airlines/airports in the area (Qatar Airways, Etihad, Gulf Air) and see what happens. I’m sorry that I can’t tell you if there is a demand for this type of work in Qatar because I don’t know of anyone who works in the tourism sector. I will tell you though that individuals are not able to just move to Qatar and find work, employment must be organised beforehand. Qatar is expanding at a very rapid pace so you may be in luck. I think it is very beneficial to work abroad because you get to experience different cultures and work environments but I’m sorry I can’t offer you much more advice than what I’ve said above. I think the internet is a very good starting point; good luck!

  2. Maggie says:

    Hi Alexandria
    I found your blog interesting. We are considering a move to Qatar. I know that you have spoken about high cost of living – but could you comment on what you think the average monthly cost would be? If the company we are moving with pays for housing and car, do you think that the other costs per month are substantial? Further, would you have any idea of the costs of childcare?
    We appreciate your help,

    • Alexandria Lipka says:

      Housing is certainly what the bulk of my monthly salary goes towards. I could choose to live somewhere much cheaper but where I live now is the standard of living that I’m comfortable with and I really don’t want to compromise. If the company you are moving with pays for your housing, this is great, so is the fact that they pay for a car. Education is probably the next biggest thing that families with children pay for (I don’t have kids so I can’t tell you 1st hand how much it is!). If you are looking for childcare in the form of daycare/nursery, this will probably start at about 15,000QAR/year. However, lots families move to Qatar and take on a live-in housekeeper/maid/nanny, which may work out to be more economical and convenient, depending on your situation.
      Pretty much all of your remaining costs will be for food and entertainment (meals out, gym/club membership, event tickets) so they’ll be dependent on how much you want to spend. There is a small section on the cost of living in Qatar which can be found here. It’s a good, current summary of some of the more common things you can expect to spend your money on in Qatar.
      Hope this helps,

  3. Qatar is beautiful country, I want to get a job in the tourism sector? Can you help me to find this type of job, I am waiting for you….Anyway your article is very useful.

    • Alexandria Lipka says:

      Hi there,
      I’m sorry but I cannot personally help you find a job. I can however try to point you in the right direction. There are several job/recruitment sites specific to Qatar and the Middle East/UAE so you could start there; bayt.com or gulfjobsites.com are good. You might even want to try qatarliving.com as they have a specific ’employment’ section. Other than that, you could try the larger airlines in the region to see if they are hiring. And depending on your experience and the job you have now, you could see if a transfer to Qatar with your current company and position is possible. As I’ve said before, I think the internet is a really great starting point and you could do not worse than searching ‘tourism sector job Qatar’ and seeing what you come up with.
      Good luck,

  4. Ali says:


    I am banker by professional and have 3 years banking experience in Pakistan. In 2010, I have resigned from bank for getting higher education abroad (Germany). Now, I have done Master International Buisness from Germany in September 2011 and planning to build my carrer in Qatar as it is almost impossile to get office jobs in Germany without German Language and work visa. In this regard, I am thinking to visit in next 2 months to QATAR for finding job there because online applications for jobs are not serving the purpose as I am trying the same since July 2011 on different local and international recruitment agencies.
    Please suggest me.

    • Alexandria Lipka says:

      Hi there,
      Before you come out here, I suggest you try to set up some appointments with recruitment agents or employers directly. There are many banks based in Qatar so you could try calling their Human Resources departments to see if they are hiring and are willing to meet you or perhaps find out how they go about finding employees (agents, recruitment events in other countries, etc). There are some big name financial establishments in Qatar, some which may also be found in Germany, so you should not have too much trouble doing a simple internet search to get names and contact details.
      Best of luck,

  5. James Slaven says:

    Hi Alexandria

    I’m really enjoying you blog, very informative. I have been contacted about a job opportunity in Qatar that on the surface sounds very attractive, the company will pay for housing, schooling, healthcare and travel expenses. I would like to know if you have any advice about bargaining for a package i.e. what I should be asking for or what would be nice etc…

    Also my partner is a biomedical scientist who currently works in a histopathology lab in the UK, are there many job opportunities in Qatar for this type of work and would there be any obstacles to her getting work when we are already out there?

    Thank you for your help.


    • Alexandria Lipka says:

      Hi James,
      I would personally want to know specifics of the allowances offered, for peace of mind, like for housing, will you be placed in a paid for villa/apartment (and if so, where is it located and is it nice?) or will you get either a monthly allowance/one lump sum to find your own place? For schooling again, do you get a monthly allowance based on your salary and are there only certain schools that your employer will pay for or do you get to chose? For travel, what is paid for and who is included; it’s usually one trip/year for you, your spouse and any dependants but it’s good to clarify that. I also get a phone and car allowance and these are percentages of my salary paid monthly; some people get furniture allowances but that depends on whether or not the place you are staying is furnished or unfurnished.
      Relocation/repatriation fees can be very important too and finding out what the company will pay for the 1st few months you are in Qatar and trying to find your feet (temporary housing/hotel, taxi fees while you find a car or get a license, etc). And not to preempt anything but there is usually no pension scheme (or tax!) in Qatar so it’s good to know what kind of end of service benefit you may get so you can take that into consideration when you decide to leave Qatar. Most employers also provide life and health insurance so you could get the details of that too.
      As far as your partner finding a biomedical related job, people like to say that this industry is having a bit of a boom in Qatar at the moment so this could work to her advantage. There are several hospitals in Qatar which I know have histopathology labs like Hamad Medical Corp and probably Al Ahli Hospital. There is also a brand new hospital being built, Sidra, and that is due for completion at the end of the year. It may also be worth checking out the Qatar Biobank, the Qatar Biomedical Research Institute, Shafallah Medical Genetics Centre or some of the universities in Education City, namely Weill Cornell Medical College. As with a lot of things in Qatar though, finding info about these places (and any jobs they have) may be difficult until your partner is physically in Qatar (information websites and job sites leave much to be desired) so if you can wait until then, that might be easier. And sorry to maybe state the obvious but you and your partner will have to be married for her receive any of the allowance benefits mentioned above and also for you to be able to sponsor her. She may be able to find an employer who would sponsor her but many places prefer wives to be under the sponsorship of their husbands as it saves them time and hassle.
      All the best,

  6. neha says:

    hi Alexandria
    i am a homoeopathic doctor( BHMS ) from india was practising since 5 yrs in india, am on a visiting visa staying with my partner ,came here 3 months back..now trying to get a permanent visa…i know homoeopathy is not recognised in qatar…is it possible for me to find jobs in any other sector as a secretary or so?? have applied on job sites like naukrigulf ,bayt.com qatarliving, and qatar airways.no replies till now…since my profession doesnt have any future here,i would prefer to do some other job.can i get jobs in companies like qp or so….if so what all the things i should do?? can u please give me some suggestions?? it would be really helpful…

    • Alexandria Lipka says:

      Hi Neha,
      Since you are here in Qatar, I would say that your search might be a bit easier. If you haven’t gotten any answer from places that you have applied, I would follow up with them to see if they received your application and what the status may be. If you’d like to get a secretarial/admin job (you mentioned QP) then I would go straight to the company website and see what is available. QF is also a big employer here and you could try the hospitals (Hamad, al Ahli, etc) to find something closer to what you have trained as. There are many spas in Qatar which may offer some form of homeopathy (most of which are in the 5 star hotels) so trying there might be worth it too.
      For the bigger comapnies, they will have a regulated application process but for smaller companies I would recommend either calling to see if there are any openings or making appointments to meet with people responsible for hiring.
      It’s tough here, I know, and things take time but if you really want to find a position I would be persistant and pleasant and stay optimistic.
      Good luck,

  7. holy cow says:

    Hmm it appears like your site ate my first comment (it was super long) so I guess I’ll just sum it up what I had written and say, I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog. I too am an aspiring blog blogger but I’m still new to the whole thing. Do you have any points for inexperienced blog writers? I’d genuinely appreciate it.

    • Alexandria Lipka says:

      I would say what most people say about blog writing and that is that you need to post if you want to keep people coming back. As a minimum, I would go for one post a week, but more would probably be better in the early days. Also, I don’t know the subject matter of your blog but I find that a photo or links to other sights will keep people interested…that and making sure the content is easy to read and enjoyable.
      Good luck,

  8. neha says:

    thanks Alexandria

  9. neha says:

    hi Alexandria
    thanks for sharing the information about qatar jobs and employment packages…its very useful especially for a newcomer in qatar ( like me )…i found those words honest and straight forward…keep up the good work !!! all the best !!

  10. khurram manzoor qureshi says:

    dear madem i am khurram manzoor from pakistan i want to work in qatar i am garaduate. iam a hard worker plz plz help me and any job provide me in qatar i am thankful to you.you reply then i provide the passport copy to you thanks.god bless you

  11. Sarah says:

    Hi Alexandria

    I am a Pakistani. I need to know if I get an offer for 7,000 Dollars with accomodation from the empolyer, will it suffice with a good living and saving?
    Also do single woman get family visa?

    • Alexandria Lipka says:

      Please have a look at my Cost of Living post here, it will give you a good idea of how much things cost in Qatar and if the salary you have been offered will be sufficient for your needs; I don’t know how much you spend/save so I cannot give you a definitive answer.
      And what do you mean by family visa? Do you mean sponsoring a parent or sibling? As far as I know, people are only allowed to sponsor spouses or children.
      All the best,

      • Mujahid Rasheed says:

        Dear Alexandria,

        Hope you are very well indeed, first of all i salute you for your patience, the support, an extra ordinary help to individuals. This is something incredible, you have not even replied to everyone but some of annoying questions you handled it really really well. All i would like to say,wish you best of luck and god bless you for your great work. Mujahid England
        Ps yes i am quite keen to move to Qatar and certainly your tips will help me out. Thank you.

  12. Sarah says:


    Thank you for the reply.
    I did read the article before writing my query but I could not have a general idea.
    If I specify the details, may be you can give me a more valuable answer.
    If I am not wrong one QAR is thrice the value of a Dollar these days?
    Whatever I get in dollars, in QAR it will be valued lesser and obviously one has to spend in QAR while in Qatar.
    With a moderate living, like not eating out much, no lavish shopping n with accommodation n transportation from the employer, do 7000 dollars are okay if I want to spend the half of the amount and save the other half?
    Also in general, what salary is considered to be good in Qatar with an upper middle-class life style?

    • Alexandria Lipka says:

      Everything in Qatar is priced in Riyals so although your salary is stated as 7000 Dollars, you will actually get paid something like 25,000 QAR, it is not a matter of something being valued more or less, the prices are what they are here and are somewhat comparable to their equivalent in other currencies.
      If you tell me exactly how much your rent would be, how much you will pay for food, transportation, entertainment, education, clothes, and bills, then yes, I can tell you if 25,000 QAR/month is enough for you. If you also describe what ‘upper middle-class’ is then I will tell you what a good salary is. If not though, I think that my ‘Cost of Living’ post is very helpful.
      All the best,

  13. Angel says:

    Hi Alexandria

    I find your blog very insightful and helpful for a single lady from the Philippines. I was recently offered a job as an HR Manager in a architectural/engineering firm in Qatar. I was offered basic pay of 5,000USD plus single accommodation in the company owned villa, transport service (company bus or car), health insurance, paid leaves for 21 days and phone allowance (which was not mentioned how much). I’d like to know if you have any idea if this is at par with the market standard in paying an HR Manager in Qatar.If ever this is too small, could you advise a better way of bargaining for a higher salary instead? Some of my friends said it’s too small but some said its just enough considering that I was raised in Southeast Asia therefore, I am kinda thrifty and reserved in managing my expenses. Appreciate your response.

    • Alexandria Lipka says:

      Please have a look at my ‘Cost of Living’ post here to give yourself an idea about prices in Qatar. It is one thing to be thrifty and reserved however, things (in general) are more expensive in Qatar so you cannot help but spend more money.
      A basic salary of 5000USD for a single woman seems ok to me but that is only my opinion.
      I have never had to negotiate a salary but if you are serious about doing this then there are no shortage of websites that can offer advice so I would just try searching for some of them.
      All the best,

  14. Angel says:

    Thanks for the quick response Alexandria. Really appreciate it.

  15. Adnan says:

    Hi there,

    I am currently working in London as business development manager in Telecom company. I am considering to move to Qatar . I have visited few job websites and wondering if the Sales, marketing and management roles are available for English speakers. Would you know if these job sectors have any great potential in Qatar. Lastly I am travelling in next few days , and I have this opportunity to book my flight via Doha, is it worth booking appointments and seeing agencies personally or just follow up through net.

    Thanks and best regards

    • Alexandria Lipka says:

      If you have the opportunity to visit Doha, then I would highly suggest that you try and book some appointments with individuals or agencies to get a feel for the job market.

  16. wajahat sheikh says:

    hiiiiiiiii……how r u ?? i m wajahat from karachi pakistan…. i want to job in qatar… my qualification is matric with science and DAE 3 year in mechanical engineering plzzz help me any suitable job thank you…

  17. Rana says:

    Hi there,

    I’m really enjoying reading your blog. I’m due to move out to Doha to work as an Engineer with my 5 year child. My husband is currently working as a Dentist in the UK. Please can you advice on how we can find a job as a dentist in Doha? I’m clueless! I’ve checked out gulfjobsites.com and bayt.com but there aren’t any dentistry jobs :-(

    Many thanks.

    • Alexandria Lipka says:

      Google ‘dentist Qatar’, compile a list of all the dentists in the country and then contact them directly to see if they are hiring anyone.
      All the best,

  18. imran says:

    can anyone tell me how to get job in qatar..i m fresher BE in EEE…i am ot getting how to contact companies…please if any one knows companies or web sites where der is openings inform me

  19. nwosu kennedy chima says:

    good day ma. am a Nigerian.and a graduate.l came newly here in qatar.and l need job seriously.how do l get job fast.thanks

  20. vineeth says:

    hai sir,
    i got a job in qatar. i completed engineering in mechanical. in visa my profession is weld technician. is my visa come under engineering visa? please reply

  21. Rushell Obillo says:

    Hi Alexandria,

    Do you know any recruitment agency there in Qatar that offers a job in other countries? Because, my boyfriend is working there in Qatar and we wonder if he can find a recruitment agency that ca deploy him in Singapore or Macau..

    Thank you in advance alexandria. looking forward for a positive responce.

  22. sasikumar says:

    Hi mam,
    Myself akilasasikumar from India, I had completed M.Tech VLSI Design and currently i`m working in psrr engineering college for women as Assistant Professor. I wish to move qatar. I had experience of 1year and 8 month only in teaching engineering students. I had a doubt that am i have any opportunity to move qatar with this qualification and experience. If there may possible then how can i search for that

  23. mohammad says:


    im a general dentist i would like to move to qatar in future.but i dont know the procedure for application there and what is the package of salary provided to a general dentist in qatar.

  24. Annie says:

    Hello Alexanderia,

    Hope you are in good health. After spending a lot of time googling job sites on google i have finally come across a blog that found to be interesting and helpful. I got married 6 months ago and me and my husband are planning to move abroad as we don’t have job benefits here in Pakistan. I have a 7 year experience in early years teaching and he has bank working experience. I have searched bayt.com but… A- my question is how do i know which company will offer permanent residence sponsorship visa? B- What are the essential and foremost steps we need to do in order to move? We’re young and full of dreams but I just wanted to ask is UAE the best option and if so, where? Qatar, kuwait, Dubai or Bahrain?
    I would reallllllllllly appreciate if you could give me some guidelines.

    Thank you!

  25. mohd harlizan bin mohd arif says:

    hello there.. My name is mohd harlizan and am from Malaysia. I really interested of looking for a job in Qatar… Mind to tell me how to apply job in Qatar.. I have an experience as customer service for more than 10 years. Hopefully anyone can help me out on howvyo apply a job in Qatar. Thank you

  26. Maria Pais Salian says:

    Hello Alexandria

    I recently completed Masters in Pediatric Dentistry from India. I would like to know whether a pediatric dentist is paid well in Qatar i.e. will the idea of me migrating to Qatar be worth the complete effort. Also I am a single woman aged 26. Will this reduce my chances of being offered a job in Qatar in any way.

    Thanking For Your Time
    Dr. Maria Pais Salian

  27. Amirouche says:

    Hello Alexandria, I really enjoyed reading the comments posted on your blog, in the end of the page I could see the other side of Alexandria the angel who used to provide people with valuable information. what changed your mind dear?

  28. nazam husain says:

    Hi Alexandria

    I googled information about Doha, Qatar and came across your interesting blogs. Apologies if you already have covered this but I am looking to relocate to Doha, having been offered an executive role (content with the package)

    I have read a few horror stories about British expats living in Qatar, e.g. when working for employer, you are not free to leave, without them signing off your exit visa (isn’t this infringment of one’s rights ?) even if you are travelling back home to see family once a month. There are others but will not go into too much detail.

    Are these true for has life moved on somewhat ?..
    Best Wishes

    • Alexandria Lipka says:

      Rights in Qatar? Ha!
      It is true that in order to leave Qatar, one must have an exit visa. This can be a single exit or multiple exit (lasts for a year). These costs are usually covered by your employer but you will need to double check this.
      What kind of horror stories have you heard? Don’t believe everything you read on the internet….

  29. Lhyneth says:

    Hi Alex;

    I live here in philippines and I got job offer for qatar. And i heared that qatar is expensive place to live but a beautiful place in middle east. I want to know if for position of MEDICAL SECRETARY QR2,000.00 basic salary is the average salary for this position? Agency said that employer will provided the accomodation and transportation. Food allowance is shoulder by employee. I want to know also if you’re working in a hospital or laboratory, how many days you should be worked.

  30. mostafa ahmed says:


    my name is mostafa ahmed , i’m 24 years old , i graduated from faculty of law ein shams uni , cairo,egypt
    i want to work in qatar if it can be possible

    thanks & kind regards

    mostafa ahmed

  31. labrat says:

    Hi, I enjoyed reading your informative blog.
    Since you work in Biotech company, what is the biotech company job scenario in Qatar. Do you think it is going to get better in coming future. where can I get more info on the biotech companies in Qatar or mideast. I plan to apply at the new research hospitals in Qatar as researcher but your post sounded like I stand good chance if I am already present in Qatar and apply from Qatar.

  32. Kasia says:

    Hi Alexandria! I read some of your responses about finding a job in Qatar. These are very helpful!
    I have asked about finding and getting a job in Dubai or Doha specifically, but I hear that it’s very tough to find one unless you have a contact or are already living there and can network yourself. Any other tips aside from the job sites? How did you go about your application?
    Thank you!

    • Alexandria Lipka says:

      I do think that having contacts or being based in Qatar would really help in finding a job there. I found my job in Doha through contacts I had in the UK.
      I would have a look at this post and try to take it from there and network, network, network.
      Good luck,

      • sonali says:

        hi Alexandria,
        I am sonali . I am from India
        I am an architect having 10yrs of working experience.
        I want to work in katar or dubai.but i dont know how to apply there.
        please helf me .

  33. Affaan says:

    Hi Alexandria Lipka,

    GREAT GREAT and simply GREAT work you are doing by providing guidance to people. After reading all your answers to people’s queries about moving to Qatar I am feeling that I am late in finding your comments/blog. Actually I got offer from Siemens Qatar that I already signed. At first it seems an attractive offer but from your answers now it has become unattractive for me. I am currently working/living in Dubai with my family. I have two daughters (6 months and 4 years). Being a Pakistani, in Dubai I do not face much issues in finding VISA for any of my relative from Pakistan to take care of my family in my absence since sometimes i have to fly to customers in MiddleEast. I heard that there are some difficulties in getting Qatar visas for Pakistanis. My wife is pediatric doctor and she has Dubai license. We are very hopeful for her job here in Dubai. Can you guide us if she can get similar response in Qatar? Although maids are available through out MiddleEast but we prefer to bring someone close relative from Pakistan for two littles. Is it possible in Qatar?
    Best Regards,

  34. Beatriz Silva says:

    Hi there Alexandria!

    I live in Portugal, I’m not look for any specific job because I didn’t finish my college graduation. Although I’m very hard worker and I’m looking for something for living. But my problem is language barrier. Is possible find a job in Qatar just knowing Portuguese, English and other european languages or I need to learn arabic?

    Thanks for the tips you have been given!

    God bless.

  35. salima says:

    Hi Alexandria
    I am a clinical trial coordinator in the UK- currently work with Cancer Research UK. I have a BSc in Genetics and a PhD in Oncology/Bioinformatics.
    As I am originally from an arab-speaking country, I am looking to move to Qatar but I m not sure how I shoudl start looking for jobs (esp that research in qatar isn’t much developed (Am I right?) and my kind of experience (clinical trials) won’t be required in Qatar (no clinical trials there..?).
    Do you know what are the best agencies/ websites that I should be loooking at?
    many thanks for your help
    All the best!!

  36. Bea says:

    Hi Alexandria!

    Good day.
    I have read your comments abount finding a job in Qatar.
    I just want to ask (if your familiar) about the benefits of Qatar Airways because they have posted new job opening as a Technology Services System Engineer (for
    Information Technology Job function), specially I’m married what are the benefits for a family status.

    Thank you,

  37. amaechi uchechi says:

    Hi am uchechi from Nigeria. A staff nurse/midwife please have had so much about working in Qatar and realy want to but don’t know how to go about the application process or getting employed in Qatar can u give me a little guide line on haw to go about getting employed in Qatar thanks

  38. Ian says:

    Dear Alxendria,

    I am currently working in Kuwait in a middle managment position, recently I was asked to join another organisation in Qatar. As part of my consideration is kiving expenses , with that you have dealt with adequately, I would like to ask about the difference between Kuwait and Qatar in regard to lifestyle, character of the nationals, working habit.
    I am happy to also share my thoughts on living in Kuwait if there is an interest.
    With kind regards,

  39. Cyprain.A says:

    Hi. Dear.i must confess your blog is something else.is awesome keep it up dear.formally am a graduate from nigeria.i studied Estate management,but i learnt so many thing in the cause of my study.like house painting.building which am now doing here in nigeria.But i will be coming to Qatar shortly on work visa.which will be out soon.so i want to know if this nature of work.like painting.manson work or any other minial work like artisan work.available there.thanks in anticipation for your reply.

  40. muhammad rashid says:

    what would be the starting salary of a school teacher here in qatar,approx.

  41. Louis says:

    Can you give me information on negotiating a work contract in Qatar. I’ve recieved an offer and to move that far I feel I need more money. Is it customary to counter offer in this instance?

  42. Another great informative article from your blog.

  43. Raheema says:

    I was wondering if it is possible to get a nursing job in qatar after graduating from university or will I have to take a postgraduate degree?

  44. Mythraie.D says:

    Hi! Can you please guide as to what kind of jobs are available for B.com degree holders? Will MBA fetch a better job(which I am currently working on). Being an Indian will I be able to get into Bank jobs? Please advise.

  45. Amy Kurilik says:

    I would like to inquire as to whether it is safe for a single (US) female to work as a Militart Base Escort? I am not in the US Military, but have been offered a job in Qatar, transporting expats to work sites and communicating with base Security. I have two daughters in the US for whom i’d like to provide. If I sacrifice a year away from them, am I at least safe? The company I will work for appears legitimate, and I have over 10 years worth of Security experience.

  46. Osama says:

    Hey I saw your blog ..it’s amazing and informative I have just a couple of questions.
    Me and My Partner are thinking about moving and working in Qatar.
    She is Swedish and i’m Egyptian.
    She is looking for a job opportunity in the field of translation or Marketing or public relations or even NGOs, She speaks Swedish Native, English Native, Japanese very good, Persian Native. also she is a writer …short stories.?
    I’m an IT Support Engineer 6 years Exp.
    I was wondering more about here will she be able to find something that pays well and also nice work environment.
    Thank you so much

  47. kingsley says:

    how much is the salary of a hotel worker in qatar

  48. Dagmar Badr says:

    Hi Alexandra,

    I hope you are doing well.
    I found your blog meanwhile looking for more information about Doha, Qatar.
    Me (from the Czech republic) and my husband (Libya) would like to move to Qatar. I work as a marketing and sales manager in EFL sector and he is a lawyer (saria). But I am not muslim and I would like to ask you if you think it is a good idea to move to Qatar for a non-muslim woman?
    And another issue I am concerned about a bit is that as I said I used to work as a marketing manager or director and I can speak 9 langauges fluently – even Arabic but I read that they won’t employ a female for a high position. what do you think?
    thanks a lot for your feedback.

  49. Jack Isac says:

    Dear Alexandria,

    I’m really need your kind advice on my offered package because i have no experience in middle east before. I need to revert back my decision urgently to my potential employer whether i’m want to accept or decline the said offer. My package goes like this (single package) :-

    1) Annual Return Travel Expenses (Single) – Provided
    2) Accommodation (SIngle) – Provided
    3) Basic Salary – QR 16,309.00 / Month
    4) Gratuity Retention – QR 941.00 / Month
    5) Transportation – QR 2,000.00 / Month (Not Payable if car provided by company)
    6) Medical & Social Care (In lieu of Insurance) – QR 500.00 / Month
    7) 6 working days / week

    Really hope that you can give your advice on this.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Jack Isaac

  50. Devyani says:


    I want to know can a female sponsor her family to Qatar ? I am looking to sponsor my husband and my two months old baby. Kindly let me know the procedure.

    Thanks and regards

  51. bbosa abdurashid says:

    i hear there some construction job especially constructing football grounds for hosting world cup . there are some construction firms asking for human labor in that field of work do you think they are authentic.

  52. dhanasekaran says:

    hi mam sorry for disturbance my self dhanasekaran still i am working in indial for the life insurance field past 5 yrs but now i am interested to move on Qatar your opinion plz i am very much interested to work in sales . in my doubt who can i approach to the job of life insurance for good designation , your idea plz

  53. William says:

    Hi Alexandria,

    i have been offered a terrific package to come work as a project manager for a construction company in Doha, with only a few sticking points to iron out. my problem is that my wife is on board. she has read the u.s. dept of state bio on Qatar, which isn’t that flattering. security risks, dicey police pratices, the employers right to prevent you to leave the country. she’s also concerned about how western women are treated.
    any info good or bad would be greatly appreciated.

  54. Buki says:

    i just recently finished my masters in international human resource management from the UK and i am aware that HR is a new field in the management sector. i would love to work in Qatar as this would broaden my knowledge of my course. i would however like to know if i have an opportunity of getting a good job in Qatar though i have already signed up with some recruitment agency.

  55. virender kumar says:

    Hi Alexandria
    I saw I all comments and all view , but I am not discuss about any above thoughts. Actually I need ur help if u can , right now I am working in Qatar , but my dream is earn .more money and see the world , USA AND EUROPE . SO COULD YOU DO SOMETHING FOR ME. ? I don’t know how I achieve but I keep trying and waiting right time

  56. Jade says:

    Hi Alexandria,
    Thanks for all your response to question concerning Qatar jobs and living.

    I am currently living and working in the UK as a factory operator in a production company but i was actually trained and majored in oil and gas maintenance and operations in my home country before coming abroad . I am considering to move to Qatar will i have a prospect there?. I have visited some job websites in the middle east for jobs relating my field(Engineering/management) and i have not received any feedback from any. Do you know if my coming to Qatar to see some of this agencies will be a good idea?

    Thanks and best regards

  57. Sabih says:

    hey hello! I am from Pakistan and I wanna shift to Qatar with my family! please guide me in a simple way soon! Thanks

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