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As with my previous post, I thought I’d address the question of finding a job in Qatar because I’ve also been asked frequently how one should go about doing this.  I moved to Doha with a job and contract secured, as many people do, so I can just give you advice on what I’ve learned from being here for a while.

If you’re not based in Qatar and you’re looking to find a job here then the internet will be your  main point of reference (however, most of these points hold true even if you are based in Qatar).  One of the biggest Middle East job sites is so I’d look there first.  Other job sites which may be worth looking at are Gulf Jobs Sites, Gulf Talent and MonsterGulf.  And you could just try searching ‘Qatar job sites’ and see what you come up with.

After the jobs sites, you might have some luck with the classifieds section of either the Gulf Times or The Peninsula.  Then there’s good ol’ and a new site that I’ve just found, Qatar Classifieds.  There is a short list of some Qatar recruitment agencies here although, because I don’t have any firsthand experience with these, I can’t vouch for them and I’m not sure how current the list is but it could be a good starting point.

Moving on from there, you could try looking at the specific sectors that you are interested in and searching either job sites specific to these industries (oil and gas, biotechnology, health care, tourism, etc.), or specific company sites.  For instance, if you are interested in the tourism industry then try contacting Qatar Airways.  For the oil and gas industry, look at Qatar Petroleum, and with health care, try looking at Doha hospital websites, and so on.

As with many things in life, sometimes it’s ‘who’ you know and not ‘what’ you know so networking is key.  If you’re searching for a job in Qatar and don’t yet have a LinkedIn account, I would definitely set one up and start following some Qatari companies or companies with branches in the Middle East.  For all the ladies out there, I’ve also just become aware of the Qatar Professional Women’s Network who regularly host events and have some good advice for jobseekers on their website.

This list is by no means exhaustive and there may be many more options that I’ve not thought about or am not aware of.  If you’ve had some success elsewhere and want to share then please leave a comment.

Good luck!

And I do have to add this…as much as I enjoy writing these posts, receiving comments, and trying to help out my readers as best I can, please don’t ask me to personally help you find a job; I really don’t have the resources or inclination (I have got my own life after all!) to be able to do this.


About Alexandria Lipka

Alexandria is the Lab Manager of a small biotechnology company based in Doha, Qatar. She was born and raised in the United States, where she received her undergraduate degree, before moving to the United Kingdom to work and further her studies. After 10 years in a rainy, grey London, she decided she might like living in the desert.

60 Responses to Jobs Sites/Looking for Work in Qatar

  1. Ruth s says:

    When traveling in Qatar would you worry about bringing jewelry? Is there much theft of suitcases, jewelry, items from cars or hotel rooms? Wondering if I should leave wedding ring in saf dep box –

    • Alexandria Lipka says:

      Qatar has got to be one of the safest countries I have ever been to. I would not worry about bringing jewellery and I have never heard of thefts from cars or hotel rooms, there is very little petty crime in Qatar. I think most hotel rooms have safes that you can lock your valuables in for safe keeping, but I wouldn’t worry about getting your wedding ring stolen off you when you are out in public. Just be smart, you’ll be fine.

  2. okoroma chiedozie says:

    Pls, i’m a mason i need to work in qartar how do i make it?

    • Alexandria Lipka says:

      Well, you can start by having a look at some of the links in this post that you’ve just commented on.

  3. kamil says:

    I do look on and Gulf talent but so far no one has got back. Is visa a problem, like sponsoring foreigners visa. Do many employers do it ?

    • Alexandria Lipka says:

      Hi there,
      Visas, or work permits should not be a problem as all foreigners are sponsored, the majority by their employers. If you are not getting a response, I would follow up you application either by email or phone, be persistent, the squeakiest wheel gets the oil.

  4. Anna says:

    Dear Alexandria,

    I was wondering about the situation /recruitment for graduates in Law.Moving from the UK to Qatar,which areas of Qatar you think or any specific companies that you are aware of recruiting graduates in law with master degree?

    • Alexandria Lipka says:

      I’m afraid I don’t know much about the law system in Qatar or jobs available for law graduates here.
      I would try looking at the sites recommended in this blog post or maybe ask at the university you got your degree from in the UK. You could also try searching for law schools in the Middle East and see if they have any careers advice centres that you can look at.
      All the best,

  5. Mohamed says:

    Good Day,
    I am chartered accountant+ degree holder working as a finance manager in africa would like to go on visit visa and find a job in qatar. I wanted to get some information about job markets for accountants and the average packages for them.Will it be possible to find a good job


    • Alexandria Lipka says:

      You could first try looking at the links in the post that you commented on to see what the job market in Qatar in your field is like. Sorry, but I don’t know much about chartered accounting in Qatar. Finding a good job is definitely possible although you may need to work at it first and get some meetings or interviews set up before you head over to Qatar.
      Good luck,

      • Maria says:

        As an individual who stayed a long time in Doha, Accountants are so far very much in-demand and have a high salary offer especially if you are highly upgraded in your scope of work.

  6. zih evelyne mangkwam says:

    please is it posible for me to get a job in qatar with ordinary level certificate from cameroon?

  7. Hi again,

    Thanks for the links. I am not going to be a pest and ask you to find a job for me :) I don’t think people realize you are writing it to provide information for them to use themselves. I don’t remember reading you were a job procurer. :) Thanks again.

    Lauren Donald

  8. jojoaye says:

    i wish to come for job oportunity in qatar and am looking for the best way to get the into plumbing. i have the trade tesst 1-3. hope to hear from u soon.

    • Alexandria Lipka says:

      You cannot get a work visa until you get a job so you would have to find a suitable employer before you could even think of moving to Qatar. Have a look at some of the links in the above post and good luck.

    • Maria says:

      The only way to acquire a visa to come here is to apply a business visa or a tourist visa, but it all depends on what nationality are you to acquire the visa upon arrival in Qatar airport immigration,or.. if you are not lucky enough to belong in the nationality bracket being given a visa upon arrival, then you have to find somebody here in Doha (Qatari National) to sponsor your visa.

  9. micheal says:

    Hello Miss Alexandria Lipka how are u doing today and ur family, am from GHANA i have people who want to come to QATAR AND WORK THERE, WE TRY AND LOOKING ANY AGENCY WHO LOOKING WORK IN Qatar for people but we can not find one, so please if u can help us to find one i think we will be very happy.

    • Alexandria Lipka says:

      I am fine, and so is my family, thanks for asking.
      Also, I AM NOT A RECRUITMENT AGENT SO CANNOT HELP YOU FIND A JOB. Please refer to the links in the above post to guide you.

  10. zainab abbubakar says:

    Gud day am 4 nigeria and I want to vist qatar pls can I get a job witing 2 weeks tnks

  11. Afaque Makda says:

    Hi Alex

    Really good info given in your article. I am a British national and worked here as mid career level management position in IT/Telecomm sector with a blue chip organization for about 5 years. I am now planning to move to Qatar / Middle East / UAE.

    In your opinion, what do you think my chances are getting a job without visiting these countries , I mean from the UK? Also what would you advise further to improve my job hunt experience



  12. GODSON JONH says:

    HI, I saw your good works, God will continue to give u more experince and understanding. I have diploma in accounting can i get any job even if is a driving job. like how much will a driver paid to be ok in qatar? when the comany is taking care of houseing. Thanks

  13. thomas says:

    Hi Alexandria,

    This is Thomas here from India, Is it possible to change professional from Mason to a Manager in a complany, As I have done my MBA, is it possible to change to manager once i reach qatar on a mason visa as Manager visa is not available with the new company…Please let me know the procedure or is it possible or not..


  14. Faysal says:

    Dear Ms. AL, I am looking for right opportunity in Gulf countries & Saudi Arab, how I can get suitable job in these countries. I will be grateful if you guide me.


  15. Mohammed Azmal Hossain says:

    Dear Madam Alexandria.
    Good noon. We are a Manpower Supply Company in Bangladesh. Since long we are in this trade. We are very much interested to supply our competent Manpower to Qatar. Can you please help us to get a reliable Company
    where we can supply our worker.

    Shall be highly appreciated for your kind cooperation.

    With kind rgds,
    Mohammed Azmal Hossain

  16. abdoul karim dabo says:

    Dear Sir,
    I hop my msg find you well,
    Kindly should to provide a jop for me,
    if you need any details for me I give you asap.
    Thanks and B, rgards/ Dabo Abdoul karim

  17. jaiyesimi oluwaseun says:

    Gud mor alexandria,how is d family,am a nigerian,which to work in qatar,have apply to all dis site,but no respon,i dont kn why,since over 2 yrs now,pls i will like u to assit field is banking and taxation.i will want to hear from u.

  18. HOW IS UR FAMILY? says:


  19. Vahid Mostaghasi says:

    Hi Alexandria,
    I am a medical doctor with 19 years of professional experience from Iran and want to work in Qatar. Please guide me.
    Many thanks for your help.

  20. Nur Mohammad Uzzal says:

    Hi madam,
    How are you?
    I am from bangladesh. I am a student and have completed HSC level in science. Now I badly need a job but I don’t want to stop my study. Would you help me to find a good job with study permit in Qatar. Please help me in this situation.

  21. kimi says:

    hi alexandria,

    i am planning to go to qatar for a tourist visa. do you think finding a job in qatar would be a big problem? or is it ok if i would apply for a job there while im holding a tourist visa?

    thank you.

  22. nitya says:

    Do you have any info on teaching English in Qatar?

  23. rehan says:

    hello alexandria lipka,
    how are you? i’ve seen your many posts and comments…… you are actually a remarkable person that you are helping people alot……. i want to know some thing that’s imported for my future, i’ve done my intermediate in arts group from pakistan, nowadays i’m getting classes of english lenguage in an american cultural center in pak. i’m just 25 years old. i want to migrate from KARACHI to DOHA, please guide me, what should i do? which course or diploma has demand in doha maths,computer,etc……? or which vacancy do every company or organization need like accountant, computer operator, etc…. ? i’ll wait for your reply
    best regards,

  24. masa says:

    Thank you so much for much for taking the time to read our comment and trying to help us even though you have already moved back to London!
    I have been doing what you have suggested! I do have my CV posted on manyyy sites, I have an account on inkedin that I keep trying to connect with Financial managers, I have been asking begging people just to take a look at my CV. because u need someone internally to get ur CV noticed else it goes to trash!
    However, since I have not had luck from all the way in canada, I decided to go there, and stay for couple of months and see if I can find a job!
    all I need you to tell me since I am a female, is this realistic? because I am not sure if I am doing a right thing by going there to look for jobs!
    Thank you so much for your help

  25. Roy says:

    Hi Alexandria,

    Hope your day is going well, would it be possible to share how did you find your job, cheers.

  26. Rama says:

    Hello Alexandria,

    I am currently negotiating an offer with a company into infrastructure/roads. I will be moving in with my family, so just wondering what would be a decent salary in this country.


  27. Patric I says:

    I have been trying to get a job in Qatar. I am a Petroleum Inspector and I see adverts for Petroleum inspectors in Qatar. I have applied for a couple of them but have not heard from them. I am suspecting that its because I am not resident in Qatar. I am in Nigeria. Could that be the cause?

  28. Eric says:

    Nice post you have a lots posts related to qatar . Keep writing

  29. pinto paul says:

    Please give information to me about vacancies in production & planning control engineers in Qatar

  30. kazeem ahmed adeyemi says:

    wao this is very lovely,but can u please put me through how to get a plumbing work over there,and all the processing I can make to get there?,thanks

  31. Felix says:

    I have an Education degree in Mathematics I need a job I Qatar. Are teachers needed there?

  32. yashika says:

    Hi Alexandria Lipka,

    I hope you are doing good.
    I have done my Masters in Biotechnology. I have 3yrs experience in Clnical data management and Clinical research.
    Could please tell me about the scope of biotechnology and clinical research in Qatar and companies where I could use my experience
    Thank you for your time and attention.

  33. Jo Ann Geron says:

    We are couple looking for a job preferably in Doha with American ,British Canandian employer.Thank you!

  34. Md. Shahidul Islam says:

    I am looking a for a sales job in Qatar. How it is possible?

  35. Paula says:

    Hi Alexandria,
    Good information. Not sure if anyone has asked this before. What is the typical mode of interviewing for a position? Do you have to turn up in Qatar or are they amenable to doing it via telephone? Especially important for persons like me who would not be able to travel there for interviews.

  36. omotayo says:

    Please Alex! I wish to live and work in Qatar but I only have my higher school certificate(SSCE),am I eligible???

  37. sreenadh.p.h says:

    hai Alexandria
    i am a graduate nurse from India , finished all the requirements to work in qatar as a Nurse, i am having 2.6 years experience now on a visiting visa for 3 months , could you please tell me how can i find a Nurse job in qatar….
    please guide me

  38. Sadique says:

    Please i have Abma UK level 4 Diploma in Human Resource management and i want to find out either i can”t get Hr assistant or administravite assistant in Qatar

  39. DILEEP VK says:

    I am from India and I completed diploma in civil engineering. I have 2 year experience in site engineering. Now I am available in Doha Qatar and seeking for a Job opportunity as a Civil Engineer/Draftsman or similar. please help me.

  40. kasibante paddy says:

    hi am paddy currently a citzen in uganda and now am institute droppout who was offering a diploma in art and design and that has happened due to sufficiency tuition, according to what have stated above, What are the chances of getting a job in Qatar which is in aline of art and design, what should i do and what are the possibilities? THANK U.

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