How to find a job in Qatar

Hi everyone,

If you’ve just happened to find this blog or have been here before, I’d like to explain what this is all about.

This is a blog about living and working in Qatar which I used to update regularly when I was based in Doha, Qatar. I have now moved back to the UK but I still occasionally check in on the comments for this blog. This blog still regularly receives lots of questions so I thought I would try to address most of them here.

1. This is a blog about living and working in Qatar which I wrote in my free time; it was not my job to write this blog, I did not get paid to write my posts. This blog was written by me because I wanted to help people find more information about living and working in Qatar. I am NOT a recruitment agent, I CANNOT find you a job in Qatar, please DO NOT send me your contact details/qualifications/CV and ask me to find you a job in Qatar. Please see this post for guidance.

2. If you have received an offer of employment in Qatar, congratulations but please do not send me the details of your contract or salary and ask me if this is suitable for life in Qatar. I receive lots of questions like this and am not interested in answering them personally, everyone and every situation is different, this is why I wrote my ‘Cost of Living’ post so have a look there. There is also an up to date cost of living section on this site.

3. Everything in Qatar is linked to your Residence Permit (RP), which is linked to your employer (if you are working) or a family member (husband, wife; if you are not working). This is your working visa and what allows you to stay in the country. An individual cannot apply and pay for an RP themselves, it must be sorted out by an employer thus this is the reason why one cannot come to Qatar without a prior contract or promise of employment.

4. When I thought about the subject matter for my posts, I tried to think of the major questions that I had when I first moved to Qatar. If you have questions about living and working in Qatar, please go through all of my posts and see if your questions are answered there or in the comments. You’ll probably find your answer but if you don’t, please go ahead and ask a question.

As I mentioned before, I am no longer living and working in Qatar but this blog still sees a lot of traffic and, although I do think most of the major questions have already been asked, there may be a few things that have not been covered. I will try to check back from time to time, go through the comments and answer your questions as best I can but in the meantime, good luck and thanks for reading.


*These are probably the search terms most people use you find their way here.


About Alexandria Lipka

Alexandria is the Lab Manager of a small biotechnology company based in Doha, Qatar. She was born and raised in the United States, where she received her undergraduate degree, before moving to the United Kingdom to work and further her studies. After 10 years in a rainy, grey London, she decided she might like living in the desert.

16 Responses to How to find a job in Qatar

  1. noname says:

    Did you find job yet back in UK?

  2. sreepuram swathi says:


  3. Shefeek Basheer says:

    I am very happy to read your articles:) I am a regular visitor of your blog.It is so helpfull for guys like me to explore the life style and feasiblity of getting jobs in Qatar.

    My life greatest ambtion is to get a job in qatar and to be the part of the growth of this awsome please update your blogs and share your richfull experiences with us :)

    Thanks a lot :)

  4. bela says:

    Thank you very much for your insightful information about Qatar.I have read your blog recently and I am sorry that you are no longer in Qatar.
    I am a graduate working as medical lab assistant and I am very interested in working in Qatar. What is the best way of finding a job in Qatar? Shall I go there and start looking for the job or shall send my CV to agencies? Is there a chance of progressing as bio-medical scientist which is internationally recognized. Your answers are very much appreciated. Would the salary be enough for me and my child?
    By the way since you are in .London, there are no jobs in the NHS but private laboratory companies are always recruiting, try TDL (The Doctors Laboratory) their website.

  5. Edwin Ngugi says:

    hi there can i get a job with a diploma in human resource management from University of Nairobi??

    • Stephen says:

      Yeah its posible, Iast year I had secured a Job with Qatarillium with a diploa from Kenya Institute of mgt

  6. Susana says:

    Hello, Alexandria. Reading your posts was pretty enlightening to me. My boyfriend is consedering a job offer from a Qatari company, and since we’re not married we’re worried that it won’t be possible for me to live there with him if I don’t find a job first. And you’ve just confirmed it in point 3. Thanks for all the information provided.
    All the best,

  7. Michael Crean says:

    Hi , Just to say your blog was really helpful and thanks. My wife and I are English CELTA Teachers and are looking for work in QATAR. Thanks for your help, it’s very good of you to help people like us off your own back!

  8. jaya says:

    What is the best way of finding a job in Qatar in a biotechnology field.

  9. Saransh says:


    I am Mechanical engineer graduate from UK. I am looking for job related to my field in Qatar. please help me.


  10. owolabi kwam says:

    am from nigeria i am a driver in my country 10 year expernce an looking for work in qatar country to have more expernce pls can you give me a sure and good site i can get a work thanks

  11. Semira says:

    Hi Alexandria
    i am from Ethiopia and i am searching for a job in Qatar and to have the Experience in retail sales in the middle east and to share the the business environments. Can u Please help me by to find the best site that can find a job for me

  12. Ahmad says:


    i would like know any update if going to Qatar on visit visa, what are the chances of getting a job.

    M. Ahmad

  13. Hadi khan says:

    I am planning to go UAE for a job. This post helped me a lot . I gained very useful knowledge from this post. .
    Hope so my trip will work for me . Thanks for these tips

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