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How to find a job in Qatar

Hi everyone, If you’ve just happened to find this blog or have been here before, I’d like to explain what this is all about. This is a blog about living and working in Qatar which I used to update regularly … Read More »

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The Beginning of the End

Well, the holy month of Ramadan began a little over a week ago and that means shorter working hours for most, no wine with my meals out, shops that are only open in the evenings and empty roads making my … Read More »


Home Sweet Home

After obtaining a Residence Permit (RP), finding a place to live is usually the second most important priority when moving to Qatar.  Some people may be lucky enough to avoid this hassle and have accommodation provided by their employer but … Read More »

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Pour Yourself a Glass

It’s a common misconception that Qatar is a dry State, meaning it’s alcohol-free.  I can assure you, from first hand knowledge, that this is not true.  For some considering a move like this, being able to pop down to the … Read More »

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Facts about Qatar

I did say before that when I was first told about this job, I had to go straight to Google maps to find out where Qatar was located.  Mind you, this was a few years ago, well before the 2022 … Read More »

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How the Story Began

I have been living in working in Doha, Qatar for a little over a year now. Why Qatar you ask?  Well, why not?  When the contract for my previous job in the UK was coming to an end, and I … Read More »